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Adelaide Advanced Yoga

100% advanced yoga training

People are saying we have the most advanced yoga classes in town. You be the judge!

Our abs, butt and arms class is a strength and conditioning focused yoga class. We work it, and we work it hard. 

You will work up a sweat in this class and be challenged physically. 

Yet, at the same time you’ll have fun by getting upside down and learning new tricks.


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Eight Angle Poses

Focus for abs, butt and arms

In this class we have a focus on strength and working the advanced yoga poses from both ashtanga and hatha yoga. 

We will be training eight angle pose (pictured above), handstands, headstands and a variety of transitions and binds.

It’s high intensity training. This means we are going to be keeping active through out. 

No, it’s not hot yoga. We push hard so you don’t need the extra stress.

Check this out and you’ll understand why our trainer is the butcher of Adelaide yoga teachers. 

Here’s something we in our advanced yoga classes

Put simply, we get the you best results through high intensity training.

How do we do it? 

We focus on training drills proven to get results. Don’t believe us? look at our members progress here.

We focus a lot on our jump-throughs and handstands in this class. 

The best part? 

You’ll get fit and healthy, and our world class yoga trainers will inspire you! 

If you want a yoga class that challenges you, stop masturbating your money and train with us

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