Adelaide Beach Yoga

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Beach Yoga Classes

Yoga on the beach

Adelaide beach yoga classes are a great way to enjoy both the beach and a regular yoga practice. By practicing yoga on the beach you will boost your creativity and promote relaxation.

Our brain becomes more relaxed when we are in nature and by relaxing our brain we become more mindful and creative. We also reduce our stress levels, anxiety whilst getting all the benefits of a yoga and mindfulness practice.

By being outdoors we have higher levels of physical activity and we get a healthy supply of oxygen. The ocean air helps us to build a strong immune system whilst the ocean also improve our metabolism which can benefit serotonin levels in the brain.

Adelaide Beach Yoga

Some more benefits of beach yoga

By practicing yoga at the beach our posture also gets a great workout. This is because the sandy beach can strengthen our muscles in the feet, knees, shoulder joints and hips. However, be warned that balancing poses may be a little bit more challenging.

Beach yoga classes also let us get a healthy dose of Vitamin D which can lack when we are indoors and out of the sun-light. This is a very real concern and many people can suffer from SAD. SAD is an abbreviation for Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially if we do not get much sun or vitamin D. 

Besides all that, it is just amazing to practice yoga at the beach. Find our next beach yoga classes here or arrange your own private yoga session on the beach.  

Here are some photos from the Adelaide beach yoga classes that have been facilitated by Yoga Theory. 

Adelaide Beach Yoga

Adelaide Beach Yoga

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