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Learn how to handstand in Adelaide

Mastering arm-balances and handstands

I will be starting to do more handstands and advanced yoga in abs, butt and arms and general vinyasa yoga classes. This is my strongest and most advanced yoga class and it is also good for yoga teachers who want a challenge.

The ideal situation is to get a few regulars to master the handstand and I will make that happen. The handstand is an important part of advanced practice and shows you are disciplined in the body and mind!

Top tips for doing a handstand

My tips in this short post are for the handstands. I am doing handstand in these pictures below. First, you have to get a strong foundation for this pose and you will see the hands have that tiger grip you could fit a pencil through.

You want that as that will control your balance and a strong core. Keep practicing tiger curls and those jump up and back exercises we do if you have been to my abs, butt class.

If you want to get a handstand then you need to practice it and practice it a lot. As in, get yourself up on a wall extend yourself and engage the abs, butt and arms and hold for a few rounds.

Take one foot off and keep the foundations and keep transitioning. Rest if you need to rest. You need to practice it and build the strength upside down by being upside down.

Practice more handstands

Don’t mess around and just do it once or twice when your in a class or you feel like it. You need to be doing it minimum 5 minutes more then three times a week consistently. You’ll see progress that way as your body will condition.

The main reason most people can’t do a handstand is they don’t train it or they do like one or two sets a week which is pretty much pointless.

Go all in and practice it about 5x a week and you will get it very quickly if your doing it properly and already have a strong foundation. Write a table up and keep yourself accountable or come and train abs, butt and arms.

If you really want to do it then you will, but don’t say you want to do it and not put in the work. It’s hard but it’s not that hard you probably just don’t train enough.

Handstand quick tips:

  • Work on your core strength by mastering poses such as plank pose, navasana and dolphin pose;
  • Start with the base, always. Get a solid foundation through the correct arm placement, fingers spread wide, with index finger pointing forward;
  • Take a bend in the knuckles for leverage and balance;
  • The elbows should be straight and arms elevated;
  • Keep the thighs engaged and turning in;
  • When you are first trying, practice the jump up and backs and one legged hops;
  • PULL THE BELLY IN AND UP! Pelvic floor lifts;
  • Toes pointed please.
  • Training exercise > Jump back and forward with one leg from down dog, handstand tucks, practice against a wall rotating sides (keep body facing wall not the other way or you will bend the back), keep same foundations as tadasana if agains the wall.

How to enter:

  • Option 1: Kick up with one leg
    • Errors
      • Don’t keep one knee bent, bring both legs together as soon as possible to keep balance;
      • Don’t let the heel move in front of the head when you are coming down, keep the control;
      • Shoulders starting too far over the wrists, not a good head position or good for the back.
  • Option 2: Tuck Jump i.e. jump from down dog into handstand (personal favourite)
    • Bring feet over shoulders then straighten the legs
      • Errors
        • Don’t have hands too close to feet;
        • start about halfway to a down dog.
  • Option 3: Straddle Jump i.e. forward fold press up
    • Errors
      • Not having the flexibility and trying;
      • Hands too close and dumping the shoulders.

When you probably should not do this pose, or take it slow:

  • If you have back or neck pain;
  • cannot do foundation poses like dolphin or tiger curls;
  • have not warmed up the wrists.

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