Thoughts on Adelaide Naked Yoga – Not Just Stretching

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Guest post by Ben Greenwood. Not necessarily a view held by Yoga Theory.

Is Naked Yoga good or bad?

My thoughts

I was recently asked, “what do you think of naked yoga?”

If you do not know already, a new trend is taking the world and it is naked yoga.

Yes, yoga with no clothes on.

If it happens in Adelaide, then it will certainly cause some thoughts in the local circles.

Here’s what naked yoga looks like!


Regardless of whether we agree with naked yoga or not, it is fair to say that yoga is not just stretching, and that the more people practicing yoga – the better.

Whether it be naked yoga, goat yoga or traditional yoga in a monastery.

I always have a lot of respect for the yogis and yoga teachers out there inspiring people to live healthier and more mindful lives.

I am neutral about whether I agree with naked yoga or not, because people come to naked yoga for different reasons.

I think in some circumstances it can actually be good to do! 

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Naked yoga teacher

Naked Yoga at Yoga Theory

Does it even matter

Every yoga teacher and studio has a different way of inspiring people to practice.

Maybe it’s through the strict discipline of ashtanga yoga, or a different approach, such as the nude or naked yoga trends.

No one owns yoga, and different approaches can sometimes be a good thing if done for the right reasons. 

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So for me, I am not really too concerned with why people practice yoga and what style they approach.

There’s defiantly more thoughts about naked yoga in adelaide, that’s for sure! 

Ultimately, it’s more about the outcome, not the form, and that’s to get people feeling healthier and happier.

If you are bringing your awareness to your breaths and movement in a structured way, then that is yoga.

Maybe the trend of naked yoga will even take off in Adelaide, what do you think? Should we try it out? Let us know below! 

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