3 Ways Yoga Can Be Cult Like

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Is yoga a cult?

Yoga or Cult?

The yoga landscape has changed significantly within the last few decades with yoga becoming more commercialised and streamlined. However, yoga still has many different meanings for many different people. Some of these meanings can be viewed as cult-like to some people. In this post we talk about 3 ways that a person may think a yoga class is cult like. 

Lack scientific basis

A good yoga class is usually based on some form of science so you could ask the following questions: Are the classes strictly based on lineage and the references for teaching a certain way are because “this is what my teacher says?” Ask why they teach a certain way and keep asking why? Is the leader the ultimate authority? Is there science to what is being said?

No anatomy or alignment

A good yoga teacher will be focusing on students and alignment. They will have a deep grounding in yoga anatomy and be able to answer questions confidently and with sound evidence. Ask questions about alignment and anatomy – get your teacher to check your downward-dog alignment – it’s what your paying them for. 

Controlled by single interpretations

A common sign of a cult-like yoga class is that there is usually one authority or interpretation of beliefs and ideas. A good way to check whether this is true is to ask yourself these questions? Can you ask questions to the teacher about why the beliefs exist? Can you disagree with the teacher?

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