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Best Yoga Mats in Adelaide

Our members get free yoga mats to use

At Yoga Theory you can bring and store your own personal yoga mat at the studio. Alternatively, you can use a provided mat free of charge. If you are looking for a mat for self-practice and not sure what to buy, you can ask our friendly trainers for recommendations. At the studio we use premium 3mm Lululemon yoga mats for our classes. 

Why you should buy a yoga mat from us

Although it is not essential to have your own yoga mat, some of the benefits of having your own yoga mat may include:

  • Creates your personal yoga space
    • When you step on your yoga mat you are reminded of your practice and what it means to be on the mat. Your mind will register that you are here to practice and you will begin to feel calm and energized. 
  • Provides you comfort
    • Depending on the mat you have, your mat can be a big source of relaxation. With a growing number of sizes and textures some choose to be on the mat just for the comfort alone. 
  • Improves balance
    • A consistent and solid surface will allow you to merge into the asanas and practice easier. A good mat will have the perfect stickiness to keep you solid and aligned throughout your practice. 
  • Cleanliness
      • When you use your own yoga mat you can ensure the cleanliness of the mat and that it is only your body in use of the mat. Most importantly, it prevents you from being in direct contact with the floor.

Learn more about our yoga mats!

If you are interested in learning more about what we do at Yoga Theory, or in buying a yoga mat from us, contact us or book in for a class to chat to our friendly trainers. 

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Training on Lululemon yoga mat

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