Yoga at Anytime Fitness Unley

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Anytime Fitness Unley Yoga Classes

Our work with Anytime Fitness

As of September 2019 Yoga Theory has teamed up with Anytime Fitness Unley to run yoga classes at the Anytime Fitness gym for their members.

These classes will be vinyasa flow classes focused on mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

The sessions are 45 minutes and start at 6:30pm on a Tuesdays.

The classes will be facilitated by Ben who is currently the lead yoga teacher at Yoga Theory.

anytime fitness unley

Pictured: Ben training Eight Angle Poses

About the classes at Anytime fitness

You can be sure for some expert guidance and challenges in a vinyasa yoga class.

A typical vinyasa flow class will include sun salutations, standing series and floor poses.

These classes will be physical focused classes building core strength, upper body strength and general cardiovascular endurance.

You can learn more about the vinyasa flow style of yoga here. 

The classes will greatly improve your general balance, flexibility and strength.

anytime fitness unley

Yoga Trainer Ben

Yoga Theory members can join in on a complimentary intro session at Anytime Fitness Unley.

You can learn more about our style of yoga classes and our studio here! 

anytime fitness unley

Handstand Training

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