Beginners yoga practice – getting started!

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Beginners Yoga Classes in Adelaide

Starting a yoga practice can be hard, so here is our guide for getting started!

And no,

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never practiced yoga before.

beginners yoga

Ben Greenwood, Yoga Teacher

Bring it back to the breath

When practicing yoga, bring it back to the breath;

It is very important to be aware and in control of the breath in yoga; 

Ideally you should be breathing through the nose throughout the practice focusing on breathing techniques;

The breath helps us be calm and focused by relaxing our nervous system!

vinyasa yoga beginners

Almendra Rodriguez

Stay consistent

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of getting results in yoga.

You need to be consistent and patient to allow yourself to progress in the practice.

A good place to start is a couple of times a week.

Here’s how our members started there yoga practice!

Vinyasa Yoga Student Grace

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It’s you vs you

Don’t worry what other people are doing.

Everyone has a different level of both experience, and physical ability.

The practice is about you and your goals.

So don’t expect to be able to master a handstand straight away! 

advanced vinyasa workshop

Lead Yoga Teacher, @benzenn

Make a home practice

A yoga class should be a place to learn the skills for a life long yoga practice.

It is important to practice what you learn at home, so that you can advance and achieve your goals in yoga.

Here’s a free yoga sequence to practice at home!

Pictured: Michelle Chee Yoga

Set goals

Goals give you direction in your practice.

Your goal might be to hold a pose, sit still for longer or to simply just practice regularly.

Goals keep you accountable and are a mental contract with yourself.

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beginners yoga classes

What are your yoga goals?

You’re now ready to join our beginners yoga classes

Learn more about our yoga studio or our world-class trainers!

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