Our Goal: Best Yoga Service Possible

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Our mission: Give the best yoga service possible.

Whatever level you are at!

Our job as professional yoga teachers is to read the student and adapt as necessary.

We give you the attention you deserve and are paying for.

When you come to class regularly, we know what level your at.

When you first start coming to our class we get to know you.

If you can’t do a pose then our teachers will use the straps and blocks to make you comfortable. Even the most advanced poses can be broken down to a beginner level.

We get you results!

We know everyones name at the studio and we are always chatting, getting to know our members.

Most of our classes are small groups so we can work one on one with everyone.

Once class starts, we are objective machines designed and programmed to get our clients the best results in the physical practice of yoga.

We know the level that all of our members are at and we aim to adapt to give everyone personalized attention! 

If you are interested in learning more about our studio and how we can help you get to your goals, book in for a free trial!  

Using Blocks in Yoga

Using Blocks in Yoga

Yoga Theory and Beyond – Our Brand and Partners

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Yoga Theory Partnerships

Our brand

Yoga Theory started as an idea that more people can experience the benefits of yoga. Since the studio’s humble beginnings in January 2017, that is what has been happening. 

Our partners in our growth as a studio have included:

  • Anytime Fitness
  • Lululemon Athletic
  • Lorna Jane
  • Uber
  • The University of Adelaide
  • SportsSA
  • Certified Iyengar yoga teacher Marianna Sin
  • Kamalini Yoga School

Thank you

Yoga Theory would like to thank all of our members, past and present. We would like to thank the organizations and brands that have teamed up with us to make our studio possible. Here are some photos from our community engagement.

Yoga Theory and Anytime Fitness Unley

Yoga Theory and Adelaide University

good yoga teacher

Yoga Theory Members

Yoga Theory and Uber

Yoga Theory and Marianna Sin from Kamalini Yoga

Yoga Theory and Lululemon

Unley Yoga

Yoga Theory and Anin

Yoga Theory in Port Elliot

Yoga Theory and Lorna Jane

Yoga Theory at Glenelg

Yoga Theory and Kamalini Yoga Studio

If you are interested in partnering up with our studio, please let us know. We plan to partner with yoga teachers, events and organizations across the globe. To learn more about our boutique yoga studio or our classes please follow the links here. 

Adelaide yoga studio

Yoga Theory is open 7 days


The Yoga Boutique | Adelaide’s Boutique Yoga Studio

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Yoga at The Boutique Studio

At Yoga Theory we like being a boutique yoga studio. Here are the five reasons that make us Adelaide’s boutique yoga studio.


Our studio is typically smaller than most yoga studios with a maximum of 12 students per class. This intimate setting allows the ambiance of personalized service where a greater interaction between teacher and student occurs.


Our classes are unique, original and indivualized. We operate independently and are not affiliated with any other major brands or studios. We have premium and unique yoga services with world-class yoga teachers.


Our studio has character. We have a minimalist attitude where we are trendy and creative. We also have a wide open window where you can practice yoga with a view, with premium yoga mats available (with no mat hire fee). 

boutique yoga adelaide


We are located in a boutique and fashionable area. King William Road is a lively and vibrant place with high-end products and services, known for its fashion and wines.


Highly personalized service is a trademark of a boutique yoga studio. We will know you by name and you will receive an enjoyable yoga experience.

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Yoga Theory Unley

Check us out!

Come and see for yourself at our Unley yoga studio, conveniently located on King William Road near Goodwood and Hyde Park.

We offer a wide range of vinyasa flow, balance and stretch, and abs, butt and arms yoga classes.

Adelaides Boutique Yoga Studio


Yoga Theory and Lululemon Adelaide Promo

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Lululemon Yoga in Adelaide

Yoga at Lululemon Rundall Mall

Yoga Theory Unley is teaming up with Lululemon to run classes at both Burnside and Rundall Mall store.

This was a joint initiative to run yoga classes focusing on mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

The clases took place in January 2017 and three weeks in December 2017 totalling five classes in 2017.

The classes were well received amongst the regular class attendees.

It was great having our yoga classes focusing on breathing it all out as part of the Lululemon philosophy.

We worked through a mergence of Yoga Theory Abs, Butt and Arms and Vinyasa Flow sequence.

Adelaide yoga teacher trainingadelaide man breaks downyoga teacher training adelaideadelaide manyoga for strengthimprove stretching adelaideUnley Tour Down Under
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Yoga Theory Unley

Premium yoga clothes and mats

Before and after the classes there was time to explore the high-quality Lululemon product range with exclusive discounts for Yoga Theory members.

You can see their wide range of yoga pants, running gear, premium yoga mats and blocks at Burnside Shopping Centre or Rundall Mall Lululemon store.

It will be great to team up with Lululemon Adelaide in the future and share more Yoga Theory classes,  providing value for the Adelaide yoga community.

You can keep updated with our future classes at Lululemon Adelaide on our class schedule.

This is yoga. This is Yoga Theory.

Yoga Theory Unley

Yoga Theory and Lululemon Adelaide

Lorna Jane targets Yoga Theory

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Lorna Jane Yoga in Adelaide

Lorna Jane and Yoga Theory

Yoga Theory has enjoyed teaming up with the Lorna Jane Adelaide to run classes on King William Road in Unley.

The classes were focused on active living and helping people to move, nourish and believe in themselves.

The classes were 30 minutes long and designed to get people familiar with a yoga practice.

Train with Ben

The Lorna Jane Adelaide store was conveniently located on King William Road walking distance from Yoga Theory.

It was a great opportunity to build the yoga community in the Unley.

There were also nearby businesses who were supportive of the initiative who come along to help promote the event and join in on the class.

As we were limited with space could only fit so many people in to the class.

Active living in Adelaide

Both Lorna Jane Adelaide and Yoga Theory have the same mission to promote active living within the Adelaide and Unley yoga community.

It was good to team up and ideally Yoga Theory will be running more classes with Lorna Jane in the future.

Stay tuned on our class schedule for the latest news and promotional classes around Adelaide. 

Thank you to the Lorna Jane Adelaide team for inspiring us to Move Nourish Believe.

Lorna Jane Store Adelaide

Lorna Jane Store Adelaide