Living in Unley | Yoga Theory Perspective

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Living in Unley

Unley living is just great

Unley is a South Australian suburb located near the Adelaide CBD.

It is a great place to live, and also a great place to be in general.

Often referred to as the States premier destination for unique shopping, Unley is a great mix of fashion, cafes and high end services.

The place to be

Many of these places being located in the vicinity of King William Road and Unley Road.

Being in Unley is the perfect way to spend your time, especially if you want to be part of a vibrant community.

With plenty of places to socialise, explore and experience fine dining, Unley has something for most people.

Living in Unley

Living in Unley

Benefits of Unley life

Here are some of our top benefits of living in Unley and being around the Unley community in general:

  • Plenty of places to shop with many boutique designers
  • Great schools and work culture
  • A great cafe culture with many local cafes and bars
  • Public transport on both King William Road and Unley Road and close by to trams
  • Close to the Adelaide show grounds with major events on such as the Tour Down Under and Unley Gourmet Gala
  • Bicycle lanes and safe streets with low speed limits to ensure safety
  • Parks, libraries and even free wifi in some main areas 
  • And of course, we are located right in the centre of Unley on King William Road – Check us out
What is yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga Class in Adelaide

Yoga Theory in Unley

We offer a wide range of yoga classes 7 days a week. We also have very reasonable memberships that allow you to train as much as you want to!

Store Your Own Yoga Mat For Free!

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Best Yoga Mats in Adelaide

Our members get free yoga mats to use

At Yoga Theory you can bring and store your own personal yoga mat at the studio. Alternatively, you can use a provided mat free of charge. If you are looking for a mat for self-practice and not sure what to buy, you can ask our friendly trainers for recommendations. At the studio we use premium 3mm Lululemon yoga mats for our classes. 

Why you should buy a yoga mat from us

Although it is not essential to have your own yoga mat, some of the benefits of having your own yoga mat may include:

  • Creates your personal yoga space
    • When you step on your yoga mat you are reminded of your practice and what it means to be on the mat. Your mind will register that you are here to practice and you will begin to feel calm and energized. 
  • Provides you comfort
    • Depending on the mat you have, your mat can be a big source of relaxation. With a growing number of sizes and textures some choose to be on the mat just for the comfort alone. 
  • Improves balance
    • A consistent and solid surface will allow you to merge into the asanas and practice easier. A good mat will have the perfect stickiness to keep you solid and aligned throughout your practice. 
  • Cleanliness
      • When you use your own yoga mat you can ensure the cleanliness of the mat and that it is only your body in use of the mat. Most importantly, it prevents you from being in direct contact with the floor.

Learn more about our yoga mats!

If you are interested in learning more about what we do at Yoga Theory, or in buying a yoga mat from us, contact us or book in for a class to chat to our friendly trainers. 

Lululemon ambassador Adelaide

Training on Lululemon yoga mat


Yoga Theory in King William Road Magazine

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Yoga in King William Road Magazine

This is a question and answer with Ben Greenwood, the founder of Yoga Theory

This is a partial extract of our featured article in the King William Road Magazine 2018.

What is your point of difference to other yoga studios?

We are a boutique yoga studio offering a personalized and premium yoga service.

We have smaller class sizes and a greater interaction between teacher and student.

This ensures all our students learn the correct foundations and alignment for a life-long holistic practice.

ben greenwood

Yoga Theory founder Ben Greenwood

How are yoga theory classes different?

As we are not affiliated with any major brands or studios, our classes are original and focused on the physical aspects of yoga.

We do not incorporate philosophy in to our classes and have a strong focus on alignment, breath and functional training.

We are located on King William Road with a large open window view with highly trained and professional teachers.

With our signature classes like abs, butt and arms, we want to spread the message that our yoga classes are for everyone. 

King william road magazine

Yoga, Adelaide’s Latest Trend

Final thoughts?

There’s a growing number of yoga studios and more people realizing the benefits of yoga.

So I would encourage people to look around for a studio that really clicks with them and try out the practice! 

It is important to understand the depth of diversity in the yoga scene both locally and globally. 

So one should always have respect for the traditions and practices of yoga.

Learn more about Yoga Theory and the teachers behind the vision!

Walford College | Yoga Class for Students

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Walford College

Walford yoga

In 2017 Yoga Theory teamed up with Walford College to run a yoga class for the students. T

his class was a 40 minute vinyasa flow class focused on increasing mindfulness, strength and flexibility and reducing stress.

Yoga is very beneficial to students due to its mental and physical benefits and the class was well received amongst Walford College students and staff.

Meditation classes

Yoga Theory offers a wide variety of classes that are suitable for beginners to advanced students.

We have a boutique yoga studio on King William Road with leading yoga teachers in the industry.

Our balance and stretch class is the most popular for firs time students and the vinyasa flow class for those that want a challenge and to work up a sweat.

Yoga Theory Unley

Yoga Theory is committed to working with the local community to run classes for students, athletes and professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about yoga for yourself or your family please contact us to learn more about how yoga and meditation can benefit you and your life. 


Walford College Unley

Yoga at Walford College

Unley Gourmet Gala 2020 – Yoga Theory Open

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What is the Unley Gourmet Gala 2020

The Unley Gourmet Gala is a prestigious community event featuring food, fashion and wine. The Gala is held the day before the Tour Down Under and usually attracts over a thousand visitors.

The Tour Down Under is the premier cycling race that is held in Adelaide, South Australia annually a

This is a great opportunity for people to experience Adelaide’s culture and it is complimentary for the Adelaide community with many stalls and local business taking part in the event.

Will Yoga Theory be open?

Yoga Theory will be open for this event and will be offering exclusive discounts on our 7 day intro passes with other exclusive promotions. We will be showcasing our beautiful boutique yoga studio in Unley.

It is also the perfect opportunity, and time, to buy a Yoga Theory gift voucher which can be valued at your choice. If you are interested in the Unley Gourmet Gala you can find out more information on the City of Unley Events website. 

Our studio is located next to Fish Out of Water and across from Toop & Toop Real Estate.

We will conveniently be located near major attractions such as the live music and leading food and wine stalls.

Book a session with us

To keep things active in Unley contact our friendly trainers to find the perfect yoga class for you and your level. Our balance and stretch class is the most popular for first-timers and the vinyasa flow for those who want a challenge.

f you are interested in trying one of the hardest vinyasa classes in Adelaide then our Abs, Butt and Arms class is for you.

Our classes will make you will feel energised and relaxed at the same time.

Learn more about our studio here. 

Unley Gourmet Gala