Improving balance and stretch

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Improving Balance and Stretch

The sessions

Our balance and stretch yoga classes are a less intensive style of yoga where we hold the poses for longer, finding our balance with our breath and movement.

These classes are primarily focused on improving our flexibility and balance;

They are generally 50 minutes long with a short mindfulness meditation at the end.

This class is invaluable for getting movement in the body and increasing our general flexibility and balance;

There also good for getting an overall feel for a regular yoga practice.


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Balance Classes at Yoga Theory

Focus for class

In the balance and stretch yoga classes at Yoga Theory we focus on working through the base yoga foundations and alignment. We focus on proven methods to improve both balance and stretch. 

This class is perfect for complete beginners and regular practitioners who want a slower approach towards yoga.

We focus on taking it slow and doing simple exercises that help our base alignment and core strength.

In this style of yoga class, we tend to focus on the correct alignment for the yoga poses covered in the vinyasa sequence.

We tend to focus on the foundations of the sun salutations, warrior 1 & 2, forward bending and side stretches.

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Improving Stretch at Yoga Theory

What exactly happens?

We learn the basics of yoga alignment and breathing to build the confidence of a regular yoga practice. 

These techniques build on the foundations of hatha and vinyasa yoga. This helps you get the strong body, and base balance you need to progress in the practice.

In the balance and stretch class we also learn the foundations of yoga props, such as the blocks and straps.

You will be guided in using these for the poses and also be instructed on when you should maybe not use them.

We also like to work the longer held floor stretches getting the body and mind suited for a short mindfulness meditation to finish.

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Reduce Stress

By holding the poses for longer and keeping the body still;

the mind can also become still.

This helps to reduce stress, increase focus and improve our discipline. 

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Mindfulness Meditation

Advanced preparation

The balance and stretch yoga classes are also a great way to work into the more advanced styles of practice.

The classes prepare you for the vinyasa flow class or the Abs, Butt and Arms class.

For complete beginners, or your first time at Yoga Theory it is recommended to start of with the balance and stretch yoga class.

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Balance and stretch yoga

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining our balance and stretch classes, check out our class schedule for timings. 

Remember that all our classes can be adapted to beginners by our highly experienced teachers, this class is just the best one for learning the basics. 

If you haven’t already, check out our 5 best tips for beginners! 

Learn more about our classes! 

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