Not the cheapest yoga, but unbeaten on service

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Not the cheapest yoga in Adelaide, but good

Our Unley yoga studio offers contemporary vinyasa flow classes 7 days a week. Vinyasa yoga flow classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced yoga students and are versatile, challenging and fun.

So what makes our class so great? Here are our top reasons.

Versatile yoga classes

Whether you are a beginner walking in to the studio for the first time, or an experienced yoga practitioner, our vinyasa yoga flow classes can be adapted to you. Vinyasa classes are dynamic classes that help you keep engaged throughout the sequence.


Generally a vinyasa yoga class will consist of a variety of poses held for about 30 seconds or 5 breaths. These classes get you the best results with the repetitive sequences and focus and transitions which are basically like a push up.

Fun classes

Vinyasa classes are fun. They can be adaptable with music or simply structured in a way that works more of an energetic flow. They keep you active and the release of endorphins post-class will have you feeling like a new person.

Grounding classes

It is just you and your breath in a vinyasa class. This gives you an opportunity to slow down and come into your body and mind. It gives you time to zen out and simply be, without thinking about all the stresses of life. 

Find our cheapest yoga classes

Learn more about our yoga classes or to book in for a class. You can check out our competitive memberships today.

Adelaide yoga studio

Adelaide yoga studio

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