First aid training for yoga teachers

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First Aid Training for Yoga Teachers

First-aid training for yoga teachers

When you’re new to teaching yoga, you’re bombarded with information right?

Insurance, first-aid training and general professional development.

It’s hard to even focus on teaching yoga with all these things to do.

A common question one asks is, do you need a first aid training to teach yoga?

The short answer. Yes, you should.

You should also have safe yoga practices set up, to avoid yoga injuries! 

first aid training for yoga teachers

Why it’s important

It’s important to do because peoples health and safety literally depend on it. But secondly, your brand depends on it as well.

Imagine if someone get’s injured in your class or faints – and you don’t know what to do!

Good luck teaching yoga after that. 

More important things

Learn more about the important aspects of teaching yoga in our yoga teacher mentorship program. 

In this program, we go through the business and practicalities yoga and all the important things to know.

The things they probably didn’t teach you at Yoga Teacher Training!

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