5 Tips on Finding A Good Yoga Studio To Train At

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Good Yoga Studio Guidelines

Here are our top 5 tips on finding a good yoga studio to train at. Here are the questions our trainers ask themselves when they train at other yoga studios. 

Online Presence

Read a yoga studios website and look for their presence online. Learn about the style they teach, the history of the studio and the size of the classes. 

Does the yoga studio have an online presence? Do they have an Instagram or Facebook page? Who owns the yoga studio and are they practicing yoga? 

Research Teachers

Find teachers who are experienced and are qualified to teach the style of yoga that they are teaching.

Is there sufficient information online about the teacher?

When was their most recent qualification?

Note that the generally accepted minimum certification for a yoga teacher is a 200hr teacher training

Research Classes

There are many different styles of yoga and no two classes are the same. With the popularity of yoga rising it is very important to narrow in on the specific style of yoga you want to practice, which often stems from the purpose or benefits from yoga which you want to attain.

Is the class appropriate for your level? Is the teacher teaching the class trained in that style? 


Look for reviews and testimonials online and ask friends what they think.

Many yoga studios have an online presence and a good yoga studio will be listed on databases such as Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance. 

Some styles of yoga such as Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga have their own databases of listing certified yoga teachers in that style. 

Form an opinion

When all is said and done, the only real way to know if a yoga studio is good for you is to experience it first hand.

Do you feel comfortable at the studio and in the classes? 

Do you feel comfortable asking questions during or after the yoga class?

Does the style of yoga fit with your beliefs and values of yoga?

Learn more about the major types of yoga or the yoga classes we offer here.

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