Hatha Yoga Adelaide

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Hatha Yoga in Adelaide

Hatha Yoga at Yoga Theory Unley

Yoga Theory Unley offers yoga classes focused on mindfulness, strength and flexibility for the best results. We do not include philosophy in our classes. This is because we are committed to providing the best learning environment possible. We believe that a yoga teacher should be impartial.

Coming to Yoga Theory, you don’t get lost in the back of class. You are face to face with professional and proficient yoga teachers. Yoga teachers that are aware of every person in the room. All of the trainers undergo extensive yoga teacher training

Our classes are limited in size. This ensures you get the quality service you deserve and are paying for.

Why choose to practice hatha yoga?

Hatha yoga is a good form of exercise because it works both your body and mind.

The style of yoga we do reduces stress. So you get to take break from a busy schedule enjoying more of the benefits of hatha yoga. However, the meditative aspects of hatha yoga allow you to become one with yourself.

The physical practice allows you to increase strength, balance and flexibility. Therefore, you to live a healthier and happier life. 

Through yoga breathing, physical practice and attention to awareness. Because of this, you get a well-rounded holistic practice.

The practice of hatha yoga balances and compliments all areas of life.

About Yoga Theory Classes

We are open 7 days for all levels. All of the classes are physically focused and include mindfulness strength and flexibility techniques. This helps you get the best results possible.

Professional yoga teachers design our classes and focus on increasing value. Because of this, we give everyone the personalized attention they deserve and are paying for. 

The level 1 class is a balance and stretch class focused on beginners and alignment. Compare this to a level 2 class where it’s open level and a lot stronger. Advanced yogis get the level 3 class. This is called Abs, Butt and Arms (expect a challenge).

Get in contact with us

You can learn about all of our services including our current classes here or by contacting us below 

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