Iyengar yoga classes with Mariana from Kamalini Yoga

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Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher in Adelaide

Marianna Sin from Kamilini Yoga School


Guest Iyengar Yoga Classes

Mariana Sin from Kamalini Yoga School in Indonesia was at Yoga Theory Unley in January 2018.

Whilst in Adelaide she facilitated some special Iyengar yoga classes in Unley. Here’s the best part..

iyengar yoga teacher in adelaide

The classes focused on beginners, seniors and advanced yoga. Because of this, there were many options for all levels so that everyone was welcome. 

Carved like a butcher

Some of the poses and techniques that were covered in the special yoga class were:

  • Tadasana yoga pose
  • Warrior 1 yoga pose
  • Warrior 2 yoga pose
  • Back-bending
  • Hip opening
  • General sun salutations
  • Navasana and variations
  • Leg extensions and alignment 

certified iyengar yoga teacher in Adelaide

The style of Iyengar yoga

Participants used yoga blocks and straps to become deeper in to our practice and alignment. Through partnering up with other we used assistance of another person to get deeper in to the practice. 

The yoga classes were really good with Mariana’s depth of experience and knowledge appreciated. As a certified yoga teacher she has a strict teaching style and strict approach of Iyengar yoga.

This style of yoga is a strict discipline of yoga that focuses heavily on yoga alignment and correct application of yoga props. This helps to suit the beginner and maximise the benefits of yoga practice especially for new people.

Some of the yoga props we used and are common in this style of yoga are blocks, yoga straps and chairs. 

One of our focus poses

How to do Ubhaya Padanghusthasana?

how to do navasana

Otherwise known as seated hand to foot extension lift ups. In this pose it’s important to keep the back mostly straight and to relax the shoulders.

The legs don’t have to be straight but if you can straighten without straining you’re back then that is a good position.

You can use a strap here if you struggle to get a hold of the toes.

Ideally the peace fingers should wrap the big toes – the grip should be strong. You can also use your shin or ankle if you can’t reach the toes.

Practice navasana and general hand to foot stretches if you are working towards this!

Thank you for teaching Iyengar yoga to us

Thank you Mariana and Kamalini Yoga School

Yoga Theory plans to host some more yoga classes like this in the future. We also plan to host retreats to Indonesia.

Certified iyengar yoga teacher Marianna Sin

Iyengar Yoga Class with Marianna


Iyengar Yoga Class with Marianna

Iyengar Yoga Class with Marianna

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