Yoga Theory in King William Road Magazine

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Yoga in King William Road Magazine

This is a question and answer with Ben Greenwood, the founder of Yoga Theory

This is a partial extract of our featured article in the King William Road Magazine 2018.

What is your point of difference to other yoga studios?

We are a boutique yoga studio offering a personalized and premium yoga service.

We have smaller class sizes and a greater interaction between teacher and student.

This ensures all our students learn the correct foundations and alignment for a life-long holistic practice.

ben greenwood

Yoga Theory founder Ben Greenwood

How are yoga theory classes different?

As we are not affiliated with any major brands or studios, our classes are original and focused on the physical aspects of yoga.

We do not incorporate philosophy in to our classes and have a strong focus on alignment, breath and functional training.

We are located on King William Road with a large open window view with highly trained and professional teachers.

With our signature classes like abs, butt and arms, we want to spread the message that our yoga classes are for everyone. 

King william road magazine

Yoga, Adelaide’s Latest Trend

Final thoughts?

There’s a growing number of yoga studios and more people realizing the benefits of yoga.

So I would encourage people to look around for a studio that really clicks with them and try out the practice! 

It is important to understand the depth of diversity in the yoga scene both locally and globally. 

So one should always have respect for the traditions and practices of yoga.

Learn more about Yoga Theory and the teachers behind the vision!

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