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Kundalini Yoga Classes

We are often getting asked about Kundalini yoga and what is it. Generally Kundalini is a blend of Bhakti Yoga (chanting and devotion), Shakti Yoga (for energy and power) and Raja Yoga ( for physical and mental discipline and control).

A good Kundalini Yoga Class leaves you feeling great, like you have just had a intense moment of happiness and contemplation. One of the main reasons people practice Kundalini is because it helps them unlock their potential and build good Karma. It leaves you with a new sense of wonder and experience about the world.

Kundalini Yoga in Adelaide

Currently we do not offer Kundalini Yoga Classes in Adelaide. We do not do them because we are not trained in Kundalini Yoga. You can learn about the styles we teach here. 

What we offer at Yoga Theory

Yoga Theory is a boutique adelaide yoga studio on King William Road, Unley offering yoga classes for all levels.

Offering 50 minute yoga sessions by professional and highly experienced yoga teachers, we focus on getting our members the best results possible. We do not include philosophy in our sessions and pay close attention to breath, posture and alignment. Our classes are also limited in size to help you get the personalized service you deserve and are paying for, whilst fitting with the theme of our boutique yoga studio.

If you are interested in learning more and training with us, we currently have our intro 7 consecutive days for only $30. This gives new students the ability to try out all of your Adelaide yoga classes for a fixed fee.

We teach a physical focused style of yoga with our Adelaide yoga classes typically running in 50 minute intervals, helping you get your daily stretch before, after or even during work hours. We also offer private yoga lessons and corporate yoga at our studio.

Is yoga heaps spiritual? It can be..


Getting started with us

How to choose which class is suitable for you starting out at our Adelaide yoga studio:

  • If you are a complete beginner it is best starting with the balance and stretch class to get the foundations.
  • If you have some experience we recommend jumping straight into the vinyasa flow class.
  • If you want a challenge come to abs, butt and arms class.

If you think that you can benefit from our services, contact us for a free trial class below! 

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