5 Tips to be more mindful in yoga!

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Mindfulness in Yoga and Meditation

Mindfulness this, mindfulness that. What exactly is it? How does mindfulness work? And what are the benefits?

One of the many reasons more people are starting a yoga practice is for the self-improvement and discipline that comes with it. 

Yoga practices for mindfulness

As yoga is equally a mental practice as much as a physical practice, it is common to experience more mental clarity and self-discipline after a regular yoga practice. Here’s how it works! 

Yoga helps you cultivate mindfulness which helps us to understand the habits we have and how that effects us. Likewise, yoga can help us reduce stress and be more focused in our lives through the mindfulness aspect.

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So how do you include mindfulness in yoga

Don’t compare to others

Don’t compare yourself to where you want to be, compare yourself to where you started.

As yoga is a dynamic and fluid practice it is a good habit to focus on the present moment and not compare ourselves to where we want to be.

There will always be something to work towards on the mat.

Stop complicating yoga

Do not over complicate yoga.

Keep things simple, a dog or a cat is not thinking a million things when they practice the art of stretching and being in tune with the body and mind.

Bring it back to the breath, stay safe and make sure your alignments on point. Stay zen…

Focus on your own practice

Try not to compare yourself to others in yoga.

Everyone has a different story. Someone touching their toes might take 10x more work and energy than someone doing a handstand.

Focus on your own life and yoga goals as there is always going to be differences. It’s you vs you.

Stay with the breath

Bring the awareness back to the breath and the alignment during yoga practice. This helps you stay grounded and in tune with you and your practice. The physical practice is the meditation.

Set yourself goals

Set yourself goals in yoga so that you have something to work towards. Goals keep you accountable to yourself in the practice of yoga. Make sure the goals are suitable for your practice.

But wait, what about mindulness meditation – how does all that work?

So what about Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is a proven way to increase focus and reduce stress. For this reason, all of our classes at Yoga Theory include meditation techniques. Researchers have recently found that meditation can reduce anxiety and increase our happiness.

Not only can it improve our concentration it increases your deeper levels of awareness. Because of this, it helps us to be more centred and in touch with ourselves. Accordingly, we live healthier lives with increased self awareness.

This not only helps us in our everyday lives but also in our physical yoga practice.  The skills help you improve focus and concentration. 

Improve overall health with mindfulness meditation

Meditation is also well known for increasing self-awareness, promoting emotional health and increasing our attention span. Even just a few minutes a day of focused attention can make a big difference in one’s life. 

Studies have shown that consistent meditation can increase your sleep and decrease chronic pain. Here is a recent study from Harvard that talks about some of the benefits of meditation. 

Experience the benefits of meditation for yourself. All of our classes include a short session that include mindfulness meditation. 

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