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Mobile Personal Trainer Gets Results

Personal Trainer on a Mission!

If you start training with Ben, our mobile personal trainer, you will no longer need to look for a decent trainer.

A Yoga Theory Personal Trainer will give you access to your own classes anytime. It’s a damn smart way to stay active, and consistent with a fitness schedule.

Our trainer can adapt his style classes focusing on mindfulness, strength and flexibility. Yoga Theory may just be the best thing in Adelaide for you and your training goals! 

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Just do it

We have an active and a consistent training schedule for when we can visit and train our clients.

So we can find a time that works around your life! 

Our classes will help you to increase your flexibility, strength and general wellbeing whilst giving you intense focus.

They will help you increase your confidence and become more calm and content with life. 

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Yin Yoga in Adelaide
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Our highly trained and professional yoga teachers get it done!

Learn more about our private sessions!

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