Naked Yoga Classes

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Naked yoga classes at Yoga Theory?

It’s 2019 and lets face it, naked yoga is growing! Everyday more people are taking off there clothes and getting on the mats.

We chat to Yoga Theory founder,  Ben Greenwood about whether he’ll start doing naked yoga in Adelaide!

Naked yoga trend is going, will you do it?

A lot of people have been asking about us and whether we are going to jump on the naked yoga train.

If you don’t know already, we take up new trends pretty quickly. And we are known to be controversial.

We have an abs, butt and arms class for serious yogis and we don’t do any chanting or extremely spiritual stuff in our sessions.

But if you want to be more spiritual? Check this out!

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What will you do then?

We have been pushing the boundaries at Yoga Theory for a while, and we will continue to do that.

We have our controversial yoga classes and we’ve them for a while. 

It’s no secret that the abs, butt and arms classes are getting more attention!

So we will keep on doing that because it getting results.

It’s also known that yoga can improve your sex life!

So we might put together a workshop that focuses on improving sex drive in the future.

Something that focuses on reducing stress and improving your focus, energy and stamina.

Keep updated on the page for that one. 

Ben Greenwood

How are the general classes going anyway?

There going great. Yoga Theory is the go to place in Adelaide.

Whether you’re completely new to yoga or you have a strong practice.

We got something for everyone.

In 2019, we will continue to focus heavily on alignment and adapting our classes to those who are in the room.

We are known for getting everyone the best results, so we always have pressure to perform! 

I do have serious thoughts about setting up naked yoga classes in Adelaide, but still trying to get the demand!  

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adelaide naked yoga

Adelaide Naked Yoga

You do take classes that aren’t naked yoga right?

Yes, of course!

Who do you think we are..

We do a balance and stretch class for complete beginners!

We do flow class for everyone else and our abs, butt class for the serious practitioners! 

Here’s the best part,

All of our classes are actually pretty good for increasing energy! 

View our yoga classes here and check out our (professional?) yoga teachers!

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