Yoga or Pilates: What to choose?

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Yoga Classes or Pilates Classes

There are many Pilates studio’s in Australia, and a growing number of yoga studios.

So, how do you choose where to train?

The short answer!

It depends on your personal preference, and what you want from the practice.

But wait,

Let’s look in to it a bit more. 

Yoga or Pilates

Training yoga in Adelaide

What is Pilates?

Pilates was first invented about one hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates.

The main purpose was to help injured soldiers, and improve strength and conditioning for dancers.

It become a popular style of exercise in the 1960s with a more fixed approach of Pilates.

Now, however, there are many different styles of Pilates from the contemporary hybrid classes to the more classic approach.

The classic approach is generally focused on low-intensity movements that build on flexibility and strength. 

pilates or yoga

Do you want to use resistance? 

What is yoga?

The yoga practice today is mostly a contemporary dynamic style, similar to what you would find in a pilates class.

The added mindfulness aspect distinguishes the practice from other forms of exercise. 

Yoga is known to have a lot of physical benefits such as weight loss and reduces stress.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that merges our breath, movement and alignment.

To give one definition of yoga, or to try to explain it simply would be misleading.

This is because there are many different types of yoga in modern society. 

pilates better than yoga

Training Yoga Pose

Main differences

The main difference is that yoga is a more holistic health practice that works on a deeper level focusing on mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

Although Pilates works strength and flexibility, the mindfulness aspect is often lacking which is why many people chose a yoga practice to start with. 

Pilates is a lot more faster and dynamic. It’s more focused on physical fitness rather than a moving meditation.

Yoga is there to help you unwind, and live a more holistic lifestyle. 

yin yoga adelaide

Practicing Yin Yoga

What should I choose?

All in all it comes down to what you want from the practice.

Both yoga and Pilates have a range of benefits for all levels.

But if you wanted to focus a little more on the mindfulness aspect, yoga has our choice! 

About Yoga Theory

We are a boutique yoga studio located in Adelaide, South Australia.

We offer contemporary yoga classes 7 days a week. 

Learn more about us here. 

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