Port Adelaide Yoga Festival

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Port Adelaide Yoga Festival

What is the Port Adelaide Yoga Festival?

The Port Adelaide Yoga Festival is a wonderful event taking place Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May. 

Everyone should take some time and check out the wide range of yoga instructors, musicians and speakers that will help activate a new energy for you.

Local talent will highlight the show with something for just about everyone!

There will be a wide range of yoga classes featuring a taste of the major styles in Adelaide

You can learn more about the Port Adelaide Yoga Festival here!

Still wondering what yoga is or about?

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Make the time to go

Take this time out to go on your own personal journey of awakening, mindfulness and transformation. 

Our remarkable community of Adelaide yoga teachers, meditation instructors, speakers and musicians brings together an experience that will transcend daily life and activate new beginnings for you.

port adelaide yoga festival

Will Yoga Theory be there?

Our yoga instructors may or may not be there! You’ll have to wait and see and look out for them! 

Regardless, we wish the festival all the best and hope everyone has a good time!

Don’t forget to look out for us on Instagram where we will keep you updated @yoga_theory 

Free trial at Yoga Theory for attendees

If your attending the yoga festival, you can also come to one of our yoga classes for a free trial.

Just contact us below to book in for a session and confirm your free trial class.

This offer ends May 6th 2019! 

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