Port Elliot yoga classes with Adelaide’s best

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Port Elliot Yoga Classes

Yoga on the beach

In the bright sunny days of January 2018, Yoga Theory facilitated a yoga class at Port Elliot. The class was in Horseshoe Bay in the centre of the town on a nice grass area near the beach.

With an energetic attitude, the community of Port Elliot showed up to welcome this yoga class that had open ocean views. The class had a mix of beginner yoga students to Yoga Theory members. 

The class was well received with everyone enjoying the challenging but relaxing yoga class.

Fun for everyone

The class was a dynamic vinyasa flow yoga class with a short mindfulness meditation. This class focused on mindfulness, strength and flexibility, with yoga breathing, sun salutations and a nice relaxing pigeon pose to finish of. 

Our friendly trainers are happy to come to you and your location to run a yoga class provided the timing and locations works.

We have been facilitating classes happily since 2015 and are passionate about bringing yoga to Unley, Adelaide and beyond. 

If you are interested in hosting a private yoga class with Yoga Theory or would like to learn more about our classes please contact us.

Port Elliot Yoga Class

Port Elliot Yoga Class

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Travelling Yoga Teacher South Australia

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