Why your yoga studio should have mirrors

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Practicing Yoga with Mirrors

Why use mirrors in yoga?

Our yoga studio is looking amazing with some new yoga mirrors. Mirrors can be helpful in a yoga practice to check you are doing the poses correctly and see what needs to be improved on.

For example, in Warrior I or pigeon pose you can check your hip and shoulder alignment to make sure you are doing the poses correctly, leading to maximum benefits.

Poses done incorrectly over long periods of time can lead to injuries and you may not be getting all the benefits. Yoga mirrors can help prevent this by keeping students actively engaged in there alignment and form.

A mirror is also great for making the yoga studio look better and more professional and it can help to take the focus on to the student rather then the walls. 

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Yoga with Mirrors

Should you practice yoga with mirrors? 

In every yoga pose the student should be aware of the muscles being stretched, purpose of the pose and the breath and checking in with yourself and your points of alignment.

It is easier for students to be aware of these steps with a mirror although there is a case for not having mirrors in the studio.

Overall, it is up to the student, teacher or studio to decide whether mirrors are suitable or not.

If you are interested in learning more about our studio, you can find out more about what we do here.

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Yoga with mirrors


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