Private Yoga Classes at Yoga Theory

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Private Yoga Classes in Adelaide

Private Yoga Session for Results

At Yoga Theory we have been working with different people in Adelaide who want to advance in the practice of yoga. We do this by offering both private and personalized yoga lessons at our Unley studio.

This has proven to be very effective. In a private yoga class we can work with you directly and focus on your goals in yoga. Whether that is to increase your flexibility and strength or just to reduce stress in your life. We have the perfect flow for you.

We can also work with complete beginners and advanced yoga students. So whether you are just getting started and want to learn the correct alignment or you would like to increase your splits and back-bending, we can help.

What we offer

Our classes can be adapted to all levels with many options offered throughout. Even if you just want a very basic beginners class aimed at getting movement in the body, this is worth the investment.

All of our trainers are highly experienced, professional, friendly and attentive.

We develop smart yoga sequences personalized for a smart practice. We are flexible with our teaching hours and can modify a class around your needs and schedule.

Train yoga on your own terms with highly experienced yoga teachers in Adelaide.

Learn more about our private lessons here.

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