Restorative Yoga in Adelaide

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Restorative Yoga Classes

What is restorative yoga?

Restorative yoga is a practice of yoga that uses a range of props to help the body relax and be comfortable.

It is generally a slower pace of yoga that helps people of all ages and body types experience a relaxed style of yoga.

A person taking this class is generally looking to rejuvenate the body whilst finding a way to provide some rest for the mind.

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How does the restorative yoga style work?

Restorative yoga can help the practitioner experience rest and mindfulness in their practice.

The breathing practices associated with this style of yoga aims to help the body to synthesise the prana and aparna forces.

Generally, prana in yoga is the upward flowing life force breath and the Aparna is the downward flowing life force.

This helps to create a balance within your subtle energy systems.

This is good for people who are feeling like they need a bit more balance in their life!

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Back to restorative yoga

The slow and controlled breathing in restorative yoga can help relax your body.

Your body becomes relaxed because of the activation of the the parasympathetic nervous system.

Because of this activation, the breathing becomes more controlled and deeper.

These breathing techniques can also be used to help increase the flow of blood and lymph in the body.

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