Shit Adelaide or is it actually good?

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Shit Adelaide – We don’t think so!

Why we are not the Shit Adelaide you’ve come to know!

One of the main reasons we are not shit is because we have one of the best yoga studio’s on the planet. You may know us by Yoga Theory or have seen us located in Unley. 

We are based in Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. 

We offer yoga classes for all levels and have even thought about offering you naked yoga in Adelaide.

You may be familiar with the Shit Adelaide Instagram page that highlights some our more questionable moments. However, once you see all the good things you can do in Adelaide – you’ll love the place. 

shit adelaide

Try us out!

We offer yoga classes for all levels in Adelaide. We also host a variety of yoga teacher trainings and eventsLearn more about us and what we do, when you book your free intro session!

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