How to teach private yoga classes?

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How to teach private yoga classes?

People generally take a private yoga class for a more intimate yoga experience.

Teaching private yoga classes can be an intimidating experience for new and even experienced yoga teachers.

This is our guide on how to create a good experience for yourself, and your private yoga students! 

Know your students

You should get to know your clients and what they want and expect from the practice. 

Ask them questions about their history and style of practice.

What do they want from the session?

What are there goals?

Teach private yoga classes

Teaching private yoga clients!

Create terms up front

Make sure you set some terms and conditions for your private class.

How much will the class cost?

What happens if they don’t show up or cancel late?

This will help create a better outcome for everyone if things don’t go to plan. 

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Private yoga in Adelaide

Be professional

Your student is trusting you with their body.

You should be aware of your duty of care and make sure they feel comfortable in a one on one environment. 

Make sure you are respectful of their intentions of practice. 


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Know your value

Yoga Teachers spend a lot of time becoming experts on their niche area of yoga.

You have spent a lot of time, and probably money, on your Yoga Teacher Training – so have confidence in your skills. 

Don’t undervalue yourself and know your skills! 

It’s important to know your value, as this will influence the service that you provide.

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Keep it real

If someone wants a private yoga lesson from you, they probably already know what your about and what you do.

With this in mind, trust yourself and keep it authentic with your style.

If you have the experience, teaching what you know will come naturally.

It costs nothing to be real!

It is important to always be learning as a yoga teacher. 

This way you can continue to share what you know with others.

Keeping up with your self-practice and discipline will make it easy to share it.

And the best part,

People will naturally want to learn from you! 

Here is a link to our top 5 tips on marketing yourself as a yoga teacher. 

If you would like to learn more about improving your Yoga Teacher Training

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