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Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

yoga at angkor watt

Yoga in Thailand and Cambodia 🙂 

Training Yoga in Thailand

I really enjoyed my Thailand yoga training experience.

In 2015 I spent three months training and studying yoga in Thailand.

It was an amazing time and I learnt so much.

Training yoga in Thailand is a must-do thing for any aspiring yoga teacher or any passionate yogi.

I really enjoyed the experience and I would do it again. Actually, I plan to. I studied a general course in Hatha Yoga at Mahidol University.

I was on exchange for my Law degree at Mahidol University where I took a small course as a non-law elective.

Unfortunately, Adelaide University did not count this as a non-law elective so I had to take some other courses to make up for it.

I still took the course because if you are in Thailand and you have an opportunity to take a yoga course, just do it. 

Yoga training in Bangkok

I also taught at a yoga studio in Bangkok when I met another yoga teacher  in the city. When I was not doing that, I taught to international students on top of my apartment building where I was staying on the top floor balcony.

I use to walk up the stairs to the rooftop and plan yoga classes and I just did my marketing through my Instagram @benzenn.

It was actually a good turn out for my classes with perfect weather and keen students ready to learn. 

One day I may return to teach in Thailand for more yoga training experience. 

But for now I will focus on my life in Adelaide and teaching with Yoga Theory.

roof top yoga in thailand

Roof top yoga for new friends 

Some more of my favourite moments

Thailand Yoga Training Experience

Learning from Sumon 🙂 


partner yoga in thailand

Partner yoga 🙂 

yoga on the beach

Yoga on the beaches 🙂 

yoga in hong kong

Short trip to Hong Kong, with yoga of course! 

Thailand is always with me

After my Thailand training I went and did my 200 hour yoga teacher training in India before coming back to teach yoga in Adelaide! 

If you would like to learn more about my experience, please get in touch or check out my retreats!  

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