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Walford College

Walford yoga

In 2017 Yoga Theory teamed up with Walford College to run a yoga class for the students. T

his class was a 40 minute vinyasa flow class focused on increasing mindfulness, strength and flexibility and reducing stress.

Yoga is very beneficial to students due to its mental and physical benefits and the class was well received amongst Walford College students and staff.

Meditation classes

Yoga Theory offers a wide variety of classes that are suitable for beginners to advanced students.

We have a boutique yoga studio on King William Road with leading yoga teachers in the industry.

Our balance and stretch class is the most popular for firs time students and the vinyasa flow class for those that want a challenge and to work up a sweat.

Yoga Theory Unley

Yoga Theory is committed to working with the local community to run classes for students, athletes and professionals.

If you are interested in learning more about yoga for yourself or your family please contact us to learn more about how yoga and meditation can benefit you and your life. 


Walford College Unley

Yoga at Walford College

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