Yoga Classes for Weight Loss

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Is yoga good for weight loss?

One of the many reasons people start and continue a regular yoga practice is for weight loss.

Yoga may not be the first image that comes to mind when you picture ways to lose weight;

But with the right style of practice, it can actually help you!

Builds strength that influences weight loss

Yoga helps build power in your core that allows you to burn more body fat by increasing overall muscle mass.

The best part,

This also helps you to become more defined.

By including sun salutations in most of our classes and sequences that build on that inner core strength, we focus on keeping the body fit and active.

When we are training our vinyasa flow style of yoga we are are merging between many different muscle groups keeping the body strong and active.

what is yoga?

Yoga for weight loss

Like Pilates but different

Both yoga and pilates are forms of exercise that can be effective in increasing strength and flexibility.

Yoga however, is significantly more diverse than pilates with much more variations and styles.

Although both pilates and yoga can include the use of resistance machines and props;

Yoga is predominantly body weight focused. 

In fact, pilates sequences have yoga postures in them to help reduce muscle fatigue.

get fit with yoga

Get fit with yoga!

Healthy living with yoga

A regular yoga practice helps you live in balance with your body.

It helps you have greater control over the decisions we make.

When you are in the routine of a regular yoga practice, you have greater awareness of our body and mind.

This will help you to make healthier decisions!

yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss!

Take home message

A couple of yoga classes a week will help you maintain a healthy body weight. 

Not only that;

It will also have you feeling energized and refreshed.

If you’re interested in how we do things, learn more about us or our yoga classes

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