Boutique Yoga Studio, Revealed

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High demand for boutique yoga

Why Yoga Theory

Yoga Theory is a boutique yoga studio on King William Road where we take group classes and private lessons for all levels. We offer a variety of classes that focus on improving our clients health, wellbeing and general yoga practice.

We are currently open 7 days and always accepting new students to join in on our classes. 

Down to Earth teachers

We have passionate and dedicated yoga teachers who love yoga and sharing their practice with others. All of our teachers have undergone Yoga Theory training and are experienced in leading personal and group yoga sessions.

50 minute yoga sessions

We pack everything into a 50 minute yoga session so that you can get your yoga fix and go about your day as per normal. We know the inconvenience of finding the right time and place for your yoga training, so we have added classes all throughout the day and week

We cut to the chase and focus on getting our members the best results possible. We do not include philosophy in our sessions – we focus on breath, posture and alignment.

Our classes are also limited in size to help you get the personalized service you deserve and are paying for. 

on demand

Unparalleled results

Training yoga just a couple times a week will help you improve your balance, strength and flexibility. Our vinyasa sessions include high intensity strength training that helps you become more toned and defined influencing weight loss.

Aside from the physical benefits you will reduce stress both on and off the mat with our yoga breathing techniques. 

Preparing for your first yoga class

We all start somewhere, don’t worry you will be taken care of. Learn more about what to expect here.

Easy online yoga booking system

If our yoga training sounds like something that you could benefit from, we currently have our exclusive intro 7 consecutive day pass for only $30.

Simply sign up through our class schedule and click the 7 day offer. 

Memberships worth it

If you want to be fully committed to your yoga journey you can become a member.

Get all of our exclusive offers by signing up here.

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