Yoga Instructor Course Adelaide – Top 5 Secrets

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Yoga Instructor Course – Top 5 Secrets

Let’s face it, almost everywhere there is a new yoga instructor course popping up. With so many courses it’s hard to know what to do or what to focus on. To help you make a decision, here’s our Top 5 Secrets about our Yoga Instructor Courses in Adelaide, that you may not already know!

1.) You’ll learn both traditional and modern yoga

Our yoga instructor course gives you the foundational knowledge to understand both traditional yoga and modern yoga. You will learn about chakras, mantras, kriyas and yoga philosophy. We give you an objective overview of all of the important features of traditional yoga so you can understand it and teach it from a position of confidence. 

2.) We teach you the business side of yoga

We will teach you the ins and outs of using social media for building a personal yoga business. You’ll leave the course with confidence in marketing and sales, helping bring your passion in to a reality. We help you understand the legalities of running your own yoga business as well as how to treat yourself as a personal brand. Our course will help you understand your duty of care as a yoga teacher and safe business practices. 

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3.) You’ll geek out about yoga anatomy

We care about yoga anatomy and teaching yoga safely to ALL levels. You’ll learn the important information about teaching yoga safely and how to adjust and align your students. We make sure that you understand how yoga works differently for different people and what to do and not to do when teaching yoga! All of our course materials are up to date and peer-reviewed so you can be sure you are learning the best information available.

4.) Our course is Yoga Alliance approved

By completing our course it means you can register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr). Globally, Yoga Alliance is the most recognised yoga certification and many gyms and yoga studios will respect the certification. We work hard to set higher teaching standards than average, so that you can have a contemporary and successful yoga teaching education you deserve and are paying for. 

5.) You’ll improve your yoga practice, a lot!

You’ll learn all of our most popular yoga classes and learn how to teach them! We give you a strong foundation in both hatha and vinyasa yoga so that you can teach yoga classes to all levels. You’ll also learn the practices for advanced yoga and inversions so that you can continue to grow and push yourself as a yoga teacher.

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