Almendra Rodriguez

Almendra Rodriguez

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Almendra is a current yoga teacher at Yoga Theory focusing on ashtanga vinyasa yoga.

Almendra is currently studying a PhD. in Marine Biology focusing on climate change at the University of Adelaide.

She also teaches yoga classes at the University of Adelaide Yoga Club, training a variety of complete beginner yoga students regularly.

Almendra trains almost everyday at Yoga Theory and has a vast experience practicing, learning and teaching yoga. 

Favourite yoga poses

adelaide yoga teacher

Padmasana Variation



adelaide yoga class

Flying Pigeon Pose.


Best Yoga Studio in Adelaide

Lotus Pose.


Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

Hand to foot extension.

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Always training,

This is Almendra training with certified Iyengar yoga teacher Marianna Sin from Kamalini Yoga School, during our Iyengar yoga workshop.

Adelaide Yoga Injury

Shoulder Stand.

Almendra has experience teaching yoga to a variety of levels.

If you are comfortable with Ben’s vinyasa yoga classes, you will be okay in her class.

Almendra will give you lots of options, and is a very attentive teacher.

Her main focus is on keeping her students safe at all times! 

If you are interested in taking some classes with Yoga Theory here is a link to our class schedule.

You can also call us anytime to talk about your goals or to learn about the different styles of yoga

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Almendra Rodriguez