Yoga Training in India

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200hr Yoga Teacher Training in India

Completing my Yoga Alliance Training

In January 2016 I undertook a 30 day 200 hour certified yoga course.

This allowed me to complete my Yoga Alliance certified teacher training in India.

This was a tough experience for me and it was my first time yoga training in India, and being in India. 

The first lesson of training: Comfort makes you lazy.

I had to be up by 6am everyday for one and a half hours of yoga in the morning, two hours of meditation in the day time and intensive yoga practice in the evening.

This was coupled with classes on anatomy, philosophy and physiology. The diet was mostly ayurvedic, although I did venture past the monkeys to eat some fresh vegetarian samosas.

It was a challenging experience but I learnt a lot about the anatomy and physiology of yoga as well as the history.

Headstand with a cow in India

Yoga in India

Learning from experienced yoga teachers

I trained with different yoga teachers in India and they challenged me both mentally and physically through the strict traditional approach of yoga.

This included chanting, strict meditation and a 4 hours of yoga practice per day.

As it was January way up north near the Himalayas, the weather was cold and when we practiced the room was not that warm.

It was tough but I managed. 

yoga training in India

Training with inversion coach Harvey from the UK

A good challenge

It was a challenging experience for me but I feel the benefits of the course made it worth it.

I made a lot of new friends with other yoga teachers and made amazing progress in my practice.

Going to India is a must do for yoga teachers in my opinion.

Just India alone is good for our mental development by exploring and getting out of our comfort zone.

It was a great learning experience being in India and he found it really elevated his yoga practice, especially his understanding of alignment, anatomy and the culture of traditional yoga.

The worst part about my training was when a monkey stole my cake! 

My favourite photos

Pigeon Pose in Rishikesh India

Pigeon Pose in Rishikesh India

Receiving 200hr Yoga Certification in India

Receiving 200hr Yoga Certification in India

Full Camel Pose in Rishikesh

Full Camel Pose in Rishikesh

Side Crane on the River Ganges

Side Crane on the River Ganges

Eagle Pose in Rishikesh

Training in India

Enjoyed the challenge

After my yoga teaching experience in Adelaide and my further yoga training in Thailand, it was an adventure I needed to take! 

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