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Our mission

Our mission is to get our clients the best results in the practices of yoga. We aim to deliver the highest standards of yoga teacher training, and to have the best yoga retreats in the world.

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Our Adelaide yoga studio

Our brand

We have a strong focus on alignment, breath and functional training. 

We want our Adelaide yoga studio to be the best there is. To do this, we make all of our classes adaptable, with options offered throughout for all levels.

We do not incorporate philosophy in to our classes. Instead, we give everyone the personalized attention they deserve and are paying for. 

Our classes are only 50 minutes, so you can make a regular schedule and live your life! We will teach you all of the correct foundations for a life-long and holistic yoga practice.

We also work closely with the University of Adelaide and SportSA. This helps us to run more classes for students, athletes and professionals.

Adelaide Yoga Studio

Are you ready to get results?

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Our services

Our current yoga services in Adelaide include:

Why choose our Yoga Studio in Adelaide

Building relationships everyday

We have a maximum of 10 students per class at our Adelaide yoga studio. This helps us provide our members with the best possible service.

With highly trained, professional and world-class yoga teachers we deliver on our expectations.

Yoga Theory members learn yoga in a personalized setting with down to Earth teachers.

Everyone is on a first name basis.

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Yoga classes in Adelaide

Yoga Theory Members

Contemporary yoga practice

We align everyone correctly and help you learn at the appropriate level.

Our classes are physically focused on mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

We do this for a well rounded and contemporary yoga practice that fits with our brand.

We focus on the essentials from when you first step on the mat. This ensures you learn in a way that is both safe and effective for your progression.

Starting with the breath and alignment, we deliver results in a way that is fun and engaging.

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Yoga Theory Class

The fearless leader

Ben is a recent graduate from Adelaide Law School (2017) and is the lead yoga teacher at Yoga Theory.

He has trained and taught yoga both nationally and internationally and is familiar with all the major styles of yoga.

Being an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1500+ teaching hours logged he knows how to work with your level! 

He’s also studied general courses in yoga, psychology and philosophy.

This gives him the skills to understand what yoga is about and how it works on a deeper level! 

Yoga Theory Adelaide

Ben Greenwood, Founder of Yoga Theory

Committed to learning

With over five years experience consistently teaching vinyasa yoga, he has one mission;

To give you the the best yoga learning environment possible. 

Ben will get you built up with the correct foundations, and get you results faster than anywhere else.

Ben includes leading mindfulness techniques in his classes to help you stay balanced. 

He also keeps everything fun, and creative! 

You can learn more about Ben here

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