Iyengar yoga classes with Mariana from Kamalini Yoga

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Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher in Adelaide

Marianna Sin from Kamilini Yoga School


Guest Iyengar Yoga Classes

Mariana Sin from Kamalini Yoga School in Indonesia was at Yoga Theory Unley in January 2018.

Whilst in Adelaide she facilitated some special Iyengar yoga classes in Unley. Here’s the best part..

iyengar yoga teacher in adelaide

The classes focused on beginners, seniors and advanced yoga. Because of this, there were many options for all levels so that everyone was welcome. 

Carved like a butcher

Some of the poses and techniques that were covered in the special yoga class were:

  • Tadasana yoga pose
  • Warrior 1 yoga pose
  • Warrior 2 yoga pose
  • Back-bending
  • Hip opening
  • General sun salutations
  • Navasana and variations
  • Leg extensions and alignment 

certified iyengar yoga teacher in Adelaide

The style of Iyengar yoga

Participants used yoga blocks and straps to become deeper in to our practice and alignment. Through partnering up with other we used assistance of another person to get deeper in to the practice. 

The yoga classes were really good with Mariana’s depth of experience and knowledge appreciated. As a certified yoga teacher she has a strict teaching style and strict approach of Iyengar yoga.

This style of yoga is a strict discipline of yoga that focuses heavily on yoga alignment and correct application of yoga props. This helps to suit the beginner and maximise the benefits of yoga practice especially for new people.

Some of the yoga props we used and are common in this style of yoga are blocks, yoga straps and chairs. 

One of our focus poses

How to do Ubhaya Padanghusthasana?

how to do navasana

Otherwise known as seated hand to foot extension lift ups. In this pose it’s important to keep the back mostly straight and to relax the shoulders.

The legs don’t have to be straight but if you can straighten without straining you’re back then that is a good position.

You can use a strap here if you struggle to get a hold of the toes.

Ideally the peace fingers should wrap the big toes – the grip should be strong. You can also use your shin or ankle if you can’t reach the toes.

Practice navasana and general hand to foot stretches if you are working towards this!

Thank you for teaching Iyengar yoga to us

Thank you Mariana and Kamalini Yoga School

Yoga Theory plans to host some more yoga classes like this in the future. We also plan to host retreats to Indonesia.

Certified iyengar yoga teacher Marianna Sin

Iyengar Yoga Class with Marianna


Iyengar Yoga Class with Marianna

Iyengar Yoga Class with Marianna


Yoga Theory and Lululemon Adelaide Promo

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Lululemon Yoga in Adelaide

Yoga at Lululemon Rundall Mall

Yoga Theory Unley is teaming up with Lululemon to run classes at both Burnside and Rundall Mall store.

This was a joint initiative to run yoga classes focusing on mindfulness, strength and flexibility.

The clases took place in January 2017 and three weeks in December 2017 totalling five classes in 2017.

The classes were well received amongst the regular class attendees.

It was great having our yoga classes focusing on breathing it all out as part of the Lululemon philosophy.

We worked through a mergence of Yoga Theory Abs, Butt and Arms and Vinyasa Flow sequence.

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Learn to teach yoga!
Yoga Theory Unley

Premium yoga clothes and mats

Before and after the classes there was time to explore the high-quality Lululemon product range with exclusive discounts for Yoga Theory members.

You can see their wide range of yoga pants, running gear, premium yoga mats and blocks at Burnside Shopping Centre or Rundall Mall Lululemon store.

It will be great to team up with Lululemon Adelaide in the future and share more Yoga Theory classes,  providing value for the Adelaide yoga community.

You can keep updated with our future classes at Lululemon Adelaide on our class schedule.

This is yoga. This is Yoga Theory.

Yoga Theory Unley

Yoga Theory and Lululemon Adelaide

Lorna Jane targets Yoga Theory

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Lorna Jane Yoga in Adelaide

Lorna Jane and Yoga Theory

Yoga Theory has enjoyed teaming up with the Lorna Jane Adelaide to run classes on King William Road in Unley.

The classes were focused on active living and helping people to move, nourish and believe in themselves.

The classes were 30 minutes long and designed to get people familiar with a yoga practice.

Train with Ben

The Lorna Jane Adelaide store was conveniently located on King William Road walking distance from Yoga Theory.

It was a great opportunity to build the yoga community in the Unley.

There were also nearby businesses who were supportive of the initiative who come along to help promote the event and join in on the class.

As we were limited with space could only fit so many people in to the class.

Active living in Adelaide

Both Lorna Jane Adelaide and Yoga Theory have the same mission to promote active living within the Adelaide and Unley yoga community.

It was good to team up and ideally Yoga Theory will be running more classes with Lorna Jane in the future.

Stay tuned on our class schedule for the latest news and promotional classes around Adelaide. 

Thank you to the Lorna Jane Adelaide team for inspiring us to Move Nourish Believe.

Lorna Jane Store Adelaide

Lorna Jane Store Adelaide


Adelaide Beach Yoga

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Beach Yoga Classes

Yoga on the beach

Adelaide beach yoga classes are a great way to enjoy both the beach and a regular yoga practice. By practicing yoga on the beach you will boost your creativity and promote relaxation.

Our brain becomes more relaxed when we are in nature and by relaxing our brain we become more mindful and creative. We also reduce our stress levels, anxiety whilst getting all the benefits of a yoga and mindfulness practice.

By being outdoors we have higher levels of physical activity and we get a healthy supply of oxygen. The ocean air helps us to build a strong immune system whilst the ocean also improve our metabolism which can benefit serotonin levels in the brain.

Adelaide Beach Yoga

Some more benefits of beach yoga

By practicing yoga at the beach our posture also gets a great workout. This is because the sandy beach can strengthen our muscles in the feet, knees, shoulder joints and hips. However, be warned that balancing poses may be a little bit more challenging.

Beach yoga classes also let us get a healthy dose of Vitamin D which can lack when we are indoors and out of the sun-light. This is a very real concern and many people can suffer from SAD. SAD is an abbreviation for Seasonal Affective Disorder, especially if we do not get much sun or vitamin D. 

Besides all that, it is just amazing to practice yoga at the beach. Find our next beach yoga classes here or arrange your own private yoga session on the beach.  

Here are some photos from the Adelaide beach yoga classes that have been facilitated by Yoga Theory. 

Adelaide Beach Yoga

Adelaide Beach Yoga

Adelaide Iyengar Yoga Workshop in Adelaide

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Iyengar Yoga Teacher in Adelaide

Iyengar yoga teacher

Yoga Theory was happy to team up with Marianna from Kamalini Yoga Studio in Indonesia to host an Adelaide Iyengar yoga workshop in 2017.

Marianna is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher who was here to share her Iyengar yoga knowledge, practices and skills. It was a great time at the workshop with many students from the Adelaide University Yoga Club attending. 

This was the Marianna’s first yoga workshop in Adelaide.

Iyengar yoga poses pay close attention to the anatomical details and the different alignments of each posture. This class and workshop was all about precision with the poses.

Most of the poses were held for longer than our standard yoga classes, and each pose was being modified for the best outcome.

iyengar yoga adelaide

Iyengar yoga workshop

This Iyengar yoga workshop was a great opportunity to work on our strength, flexibility and stability training with many questions and answers about Iyengar yoga.

Iyengar yoga is a great class to take because it is accessible to most people as the poses can be well adapted. It also has a high teaching standard as the teachers undergo serious and rigorous training often taking years to get certified.

Iyengar yoga classes are usually very safe because the focus on alignment and quality is a dominant theme and the use of props helps ensures everyone is doing the level appropriate to them.

One of our focus poses

How to do reverse triangle pose?

iyengar yoga adelaide

This was one of the poses Marianna showed us in the session. Ben from Yoga Theory also added these tips:

  • This is an advanced yoga posture. You are working a major stretch in the legs and hips and the spine. Therefore alignment is paramount.
  • Make sure you start with squaring of the hips. To do this place your hands on your hips and make sure they line up. From there you need to adjust your feet to the appropriate distance.
  • This is a highly dependent on the individual but a few feet is generally good. Make sure your back foot is slightly inward angle about 45° – if it’s not you’ll create pressure on the sacrum and you’re spine won’t twist.
  • From there you can progress down make sure you don’t overstretch by starting with a block or the shin. The back should be long (whenever you twist the spine, create length first).
  • Keep pressing you’re inside foot down for more stretch and draw energy through the arms,hips and torso for greater stretch.

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Iyengar Yoga Workshop

Iyengar Yoga Workshop