Yoga Classes for Everyone

Balance and stretch (level 1)

A less intensive style of yoga where we focus on improving flexibility and balance.

We focus on the basics of alignment and yoga foundations in this class. This is a level 1 class designed to prepare you for the vinyasa yoga class.

This class is best for beginners and seniors.

Vinyasa flow (level 2)

The vinyasa flow classes are dynamic yoga classes that focus on improving balance, strength and flexibility.

Vinyasa classes are suitable for most levels, with variations offered throughout the class to support beginners.

These classes focus on helping you become stronger, toned and more flexible.

Advanced vinyasa (level 3)

Our signature strength and conditioning yoga class.

We will work some of the challenging strength poses and play around with getting upside down.

This class is good for conditioning the body for the vinyasa sequence, building strength and improving stamina.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower more controlled style of yoga.

We work the deeper levels of the body by holding the poses for longer and focus on improving our stretch. This class mostly focuses on seated postures with poses being held up to 5 minutes.

We do not do sun salutations or the standing yoga poses in this class.

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