How do I become a Yoga Instructor?

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Becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor

Step 1: Complete a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Finding a certified yoga school

Globally, the generally accepted and most common way of becoming a yoga instructor is by completing a 200hr certified yoga course.

These certified yoga courses are regulated by Yoga Alliance which aims to be an international governing body for yoga.

You can also get certified through Yoga Australia or a traditional yoga school to teach yoga. 

Yoga Theory offers a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training

About Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance regulates yoga schools who want to be accredited by them.

They basically do this through making sure the schools cover a set curriculum which meets their standards. Usually this includes a certain amount of hours on yoga practice, yoga philosophy and teaching theory.

You can learn about their certifications guidelines on their website. 

Different yoga schools vary in the particular focus and it is worth doing your research before.

For example, one school may choose to focus on the business skills of teaching yoga, such as getting clients as a yoga teacher. Another school might focus more on the spiritual practices of yoga, such as the history of yoga philosophy. 

Is Yoga Alliance Australia the same as Yoga Alliance?

No. They are not. They have different standards and guidelines and are not affiliated in any way

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Why are all the yoga schools teaching different things?

The reason all the yoga schools are different is because yoga teacher trainings do not have to follow a strict curriculum.

Yoga Alliance does not tell the yoga schools exactly what to teach, they just give them the guidelines.

What does Yoga Alliance actually do? 

Yoga Alliance simply recognises yoga schools for covering a curriculum that meets the standards they set.  

So when you complete a Yoga Alliance 200hr YTT course, you can apply to be registered through Yoga Alliance.

So, if you do the course, you can be listed on their directory. And, that’s about it. Just make sure you pay your annual renewal fees. 

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What are the other ways to be a certified teacher?

In Australia, the other major body for regulating yoga instructors is Yoga Australia.

Yoga Australia have their own standards for being a yoga teacher. Yoga Australia also has a yoga teacher and yoga school directory. If you complete a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified course, you can register with Yoga Australia on a provisional membership.

You will normally have to go through some extra processes to do this which you can read about them on their website. You can also do courses directly through Yoga Australia accredited schools.

Learn more about how the Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance accreditation system work here.

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Are you getting the best results?

What if a school isn’t Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia affiliated?

You should know that many traditional and modern yoga schools may not be affiliated with these organizations.

For example, Iyengar yoga and Ashtanga yoga have their own standards for accrediting and certifying yoga teachers.

You should do your research about any teacher training you undertake, whether it is certified or not.

Step 2: Teaching Yoga

The second step to becoming a yoga instructor is to start teaching yoga.

Once you complete your teacher training, and even before then, you should get teaching experience. 

A good yoga school will often mentor new yoga teachers and give them some teaching experience. 

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We offer a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course.


Yoga Instructor Course Adelaide – Top 5 Secrets

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Yoga Instructor Course – Top 5 Secrets

Let’s face it, almost everywhere there is a new yoga instructor course popping up. With so many courses it’s hard to know what to do or what to focus on. To help you make a decision, here’s our Top 5 Secrets about our Yoga Instructor Courses in Adelaide, that you may not already know!

1.) You’ll learn both traditional and modern yoga

Our yoga instructor course gives you the foundational knowledge to understand both traditional yoga and modern yoga. You will learn about chakras, mantras, kriyas and yoga philosophy. We give you an objective overview of all of the important features of traditional yoga so you can understand it and teach it from a position of confidence. 

2.) We teach you the business side of yoga

We will teach you the ins and outs of using social media for building a personal yoga business. You’ll leave the course with confidence in marketing and sales, helping bring your passion in to a reality. We help you understand the legalities of running your own yoga business as well as how to treat yourself as a personal brand. Our course will help you understand your duty of care as a yoga teacher and safe business practices. 

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Learn yoga from Ben (E-RYT, Founder of Yoga Theory)

3.) You’ll geek out about yoga anatomy

We care about yoga anatomy and teaching yoga safely to ALL levels. You’ll learn the important information about teaching yoga safely and how to adjust and align your students. We make sure that you understand how yoga works differently for different people and what to do and not to do when teaching yoga! All of our course materials are up to date and peer-reviewed so you can be sure you are learning the best information available.

4.) Our course is Yoga Alliance approved

By completing our course it means you can register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr). Globally, Yoga Alliance is the most recognised yoga certification and many gyms and yoga studios will respect the certification. We work hard to set higher teaching standards than average, so that you can have a contemporary and successful yoga teaching education you deserve and are paying for. 

5.) You’ll improve your yoga practice, a lot!

You’ll learn all of our most popular yoga classes and learn how to teach them! We give you a strong foundation in both hatha and vinyasa yoga so that you can teach yoga classes to all levels. You’ll also learn the practices for advanced yoga and inversions so that you can continue to grow and push yourself as a yoga teacher.

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Learn more

Learn more about our 200hr yoga teacher training course here  

Here is our full guide to how to become a yoga instructor?

First aid training for yoga teachers

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First Aid Training for Yoga Teachers

First-aid training for yoga teachers

When you’re new to teaching yoga, you’re bombarded with information right?

Insurance, first-aid training and general professional development.

It’s hard to even focus on teaching yoga with all these things to do.

A common question one asks is, do you need a first aid training to teach yoga?

The short answer. Yes, you should.

You should also have safe yoga practices set up, to avoid yoga injuries! 

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Why it’s important

It’s important to do because peoples health and safety literally depend on it. But secondly, your brand depends on it as well.

Imagine if someone get’s injured in your class or faints – and you don’t know what to do!

Good luck teaching yoga after that. 

More important things

Learn more about the important aspects of teaching yoga in our yoga teacher mentorship program. 

In this program, we go through the business and practicalities yoga and all the important things to know.

The things they probably didn’t teach you at Yoga Teacher Training!


Common questions for yoga teachers!

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7 Questions Yoga Teachers Want Answered!

Can I teach yoga without doing a yoga teacher training course?

Yes, you can teach yoga without doing a yoga teaching course.

There is nothing illegal about teaching yoga without doing a yoga training course.

In fact, there are many yoga teachers who haven’t done a yoga teacher training (“YTT”).

This is because yoga is not a fully regulated industry. This guide shows how yoga in Australia is regulated! 

Can a personal trainer teach yoga?

Generally, a personal trainer can teach yoga if they are familiar with the style they are teaching.

Yoga is a form of physical exercise similar to many aerobic exercises a personal trainer would be familiar with. 

It’s important that the personal trainer is aware of the yoga poses, and teaches yoga safely. 

How much does yoga teacher training cost?

A yoga instructor course generally varies from anywhere between $1000 to $10,000.

Factors that influence the cost of a yoga instructor course include reputation, teachers, style and duration.

It is important to do your research before committing to a yoga instructor course. 

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Yoga Teacher Training

Do I have to be registered with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga?

No, you do not have to be affiliated with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga. Yoga Alliance is a yoga directory with it’s own accreditation and directory system.

If you have done a Yoga Alliance Training, you can be a Registered Yoga Teacher with them and use the YTT 200hr Trade Mark. You do not have to do this to teach yoga.

Many people choose to be registered with Yoga Alliance for directory benefits but this is by choice only.

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Who are the best yoga teacher training providers?

Finding the best yoga teaching course is a question of personal preference.

This is because there are many different styles of yoga, each with there own course curriculum.

It is important to find a YTT that works with your beliefs and practices in yoga. 

Here is our guide for finding a good yoga studio to train at. 

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How do I find a job as a yoga teacher?

You should find a yoga studio or style you want to teach yoga for, and and progress in that style.

Cold calling yoga studios in an attempt to get a yoga teaching job will unlikely work.

It’s better to train at the studio you want to work in and get to know the students and staff.

You should also chat to studio owners, and work on becoming a substitute teacher first.

You should market yourself as being a good yoga teacher.

Focus on providing value to a yoga studio or teacher, so that the studio will be more likely to hire you.

Are there many yoga teacher jobs?

Most yoga positions require you to work as an independent contractor.

It is rare to be employed casually, part-time or full time as a yoga teacher in Australia.

Compared to other professions, there are not that many yoga jobs available. 

This is because yoga teaching is a very personalized service.

Because of this, most yoga teachers have a close relationship with their students and current teachers. 

But wait, there’s good news.

You’re a yoga teacher, you can create your own job, and here’s how to do that! 

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Yoga Class in Adelaide

Learn more about yoga teaching

You can learn more about our studio or our yoga teacher training and mentorship courses here!



How to teach private yoga classes?

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How to teach private yoga classes?

People generally take a private yoga class for a more intimate yoga experience.

Teaching private yoga classes can be an intimidating experience for new and even experienced yoga teachers.

This is our guide on how to create a good experience for yourself, and your private yoga students! 

Know your students

You should get to know your clients and what they want and expect from the practice. 

Ask them questions about their history and style of practice.

What do they want from the session?

What are there goals?

Teach private yoga classes

Teaching private yoga clients!

Create terms up front

Make sure you set some terms and conditions for your private class.

How much will the class cost?

What happens if they don’t show up or cancel late?

This will help create a better outcome for everyone if things don’t go to plan. 

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Private yoga in Adelaide

Be professional

Your student is trusting you with their body.

You should be aware of your duty of care and make sure they feel comfortable in a one on one environment. 

Make sure you are respectful of their intentions of practice. 


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Know your value

Yoga Teachers spend a lot of time becoming experts on their niche area of yoga.

You have spent a lot of time, and probably money, on your Yoga Teacher Training – so have confidence in your skills. 

Don’t undervalue yourself and know your skills! 

It’s important to know your value, as this will influence the service that you provide.

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Keep it real

If someone wants a private yoga lesson from you, they probably already know what your about and what you do.

With this in mind, trust yourself and keep it authentic with your style.

If you have the experience, teaching what you know will come naturally.

It costs nothing to be real!

It is important to always be learning as a yoga teacher. 

This way you can continue to share what you know with others.

Keeping up with your self-practice and discipline will make it easy to share it.

And the best part,

People will naturally want to learn from you! 

Here is a link to our top 5 tips on marketing yourself as a yoga teacher. 

If you would like to learn more about improving your Yoga Teacher Training