Ben’s Top 10 Advanced Poses

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Ben’s Most Advanced Yoga Poses

Advanced yoga poses in Adelaide

Ben is a highly qualified and passionate yoga teacher focusing on what needs to be done to get results.

His yoga teaching style builds from his experience training yoga nationally and internationally.

With his background studying a Bachelor of Laws, he has excellent communication skills that help you to understand yoga principles and methodology.

Here are his top 10 most advanced yoga poses in photos!

Awkward Pose (Rishikesh, India)


Adelaide Advanced Yoga



Adelaide yoga school

Full Wheel Pose


Advanced Lift


adelaide yoga classes

Headstand Gurudasana

Highly trained and advanced yoga teacher

Ben has trained in most of the major styles of yoga and incorporates what he has learnt in to his yoga and meditation classes. 

Ben has also studied general courses in Psychology, Philosophy and Yoga receiving distinguished results.

His classes are 50 minutes and he gives one on one personalized attention to everyone in the room.

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adelaide yoga school

Eight Angle Pose


yoga class in adelaide

Modified Side Plank


best yoga adelaide

King Pigeon Pose


Adelaide Advanced Yoga

Full Camel Pose


arm balances adelaide


Here is a link to the classes at Yoga Theory

You can learn more about Ben here

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Train with Ben
Yin Yoga in Adelaide
Yoga Trainer Ben
Handstand Training


Yin Yoga, Simply Zen.

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Yin Yoga in Adelaide

What is it?

Yin yoga is a passive style of yoga designed to work the body on a deeper level.

The practice generally consists of long held poses, between 2 – 5 minutes. 

It is good for reducing stress in the body and mind. 

How does yin work?

Yin yoga works by targeting the deeper tissues within the body such as the fascia. It is very good for improving flexibility and joint mobility.

This practice is also good for the mind because it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. 

yin yoga in adelaide

A good stretch out!

Yin yoga in Adelaide

Ben occasionally teaches yin yoga at our Adelaide yoga studio.

The classes focus on improving your flexibility and help you to keep calm and relaxed. 

You can check out the current yoga timetable here. 

Who is Ben?

Ben is a highly experienced yoga teacher with Yoga Theory Unley.

Ben has trained and taught yoga in over 5 countries and is a certified yoga teacher trainer registered with Yoga Alliance.

You can read his full bio here. 

yin yoga adelaide

Ben Greenwood in India. @benzenn

You can learn more about yin yoga here. 

Read about the most popular styles of yoga here. 

Boutique Yoga Studio, Revealed

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High demand for boutique yoga

Why Yoga Theory

Yoga Theory is a boutique yoga studio on King William Road where we take group classes and private lessons for all levels. We offer a variety of classes that focus on improving our clients health, wellbeing and general yoga practice.

We are currently open 7 days and always accepting new students to join in on our classes. 

Down to Earth teachers

We have passionate and dedicated yoga teachers who love yoga and sharing their practice with others. All of our teachers have undergone Yoga Theory training and are experienced in leading personal and group yoga sessions.

50 minute yoga sessions

We pack everything into a 50 minute yoga session so that you can get your yoga fix and go about your day as per normal. We know the inconvenience of finding the right time and place for your yoga training, so we have added classes all throughout the day and week

We cut to the chase and focus on getting our members the best results possible. We do not include philosophy in our sessions – we focus on breath, posture and alignment.

Our classes are also limited in size to help you get the personalized service you deserve and are paying for. 

on demand

Unparalleled results

Training yoga just a couple times a week will help you improve your balance, strength and flexibility. Our vinyasa sessions include high intensity strength training that helps you become more toned and defined influencing weight loss.

Aside from the physical benefits you will reduce stress both on and off the mat with our yoga breathing techniques. 

Preparing for your first yoga class

We all start somewhere, don’t worry you will be taken care of. Learn more about what to expect here.

Easy online yoga booking system

If our yoga training sounds like something that you could benefit from, we currently have our exclusive intro 7 consecutive day pass for only $30.

Simply sign up through our class schedule and click the 7 day offer. 

Memberships worth it

If you want to be fully committed to your yoga journey you can become a member.

Get all of our exclusive offers by signing up here.


Improving balance and stretch

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Improving Balance and Stretch

The sessions

Our balance and stretch yoga classes are a less intensive style of yoga where we hold the poses for longer, finding our balance with our breath and movement.

These classes are primarily focused on improving our flexibility and balance;

They are generally 50 minutes long with a short mindfulness meditation at the end.

This class is invaluable for getting movement in the body and increasing our general flexibility and balance;

There also good for getting an overall feel for a regular yoga practice.


improve balance adelaide

Balance Classes at Yoga Theory

Focus for class

In the balance and stretch yoga classes at Yoga Theory we focus on working through the base yoga foundations and alignment. We focus on proven methods to improve both balance and stretch. 

This class is perfect for complete beginners and regular practitioners who want a slower approach towards yoga.

We focus on taking it slow and doing simple exercises that help our base alignment and core strength.

In this style of yoga class, we tend to focus on the correct alignment for the yoga poses covered in the vinyasa sequence.

We tend to focus on the foundations of the sun salutations, warrior 1 & 2, forward bending and side stretches.

improve stretch adelaide

Improving Stretch at Yoga Theory

What exactly happens?

We learn the basics of yoga alignment and breathing to build the confidence of a regular yoga practice. 

These techniques build on the foundations of hatha and vinyasa yoga. This helps you get the strong body, and base balance you need to progress in the practice.

In the balance and stretch class we also learn the foundations of yoga props, such as the blocks and straps.

You will be guided in using these for the poses and also be instructed on when you should maybe not use them.

We also like to work the longer held floor stretches getting the body and mind suited for a short mindfulness meditation to finish.

Yoga Theory Members

Reduce Stress

By holding the poses for longer and keeping the body still;

the mind can also become still.

This helps to reduce stress, increase focus and improve our discipline. 

Vinyasa yoga debunked

Mindfulness Meditation

Advanced preparation

The balance and stretch yoga classes are also a great way to work into the more advanced styles of practice.

The classes prepare you for the vinyasa flow class or the Abs, Butt and Arms class.

For complete beginners, or your first time at Yoga Theory it is recommended to start of with the balance and stretch yoga class.

learn yoga adelaide

Balance and stretch yoga

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining our balance and stretch classes, check out our class schedule for timings. 

Remember that all our classes can be adapted to beginners by our highly experienced teachers, this class is just the best one for learning the basics. 

If you haven’t already, check out our 5 best tips for beginners! 

Learn more about our classes! 

Contact us


Power Yoga in Adelaide

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Power Yoga Classes in Adelaide

What is power yoga?

Power yoga is a contemporary style of yoga focused mostly on improving fitness.

This is a very athletic style of yoga and is mostly based on the ashtanga yoga system.

We offer vinyasa yoga classes that build on the power yoga method. 

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Learn to teach yoga!
Yoga Theory Unley

Starting power yoga classes at Yoga Theory

You can expect to enter a non-competitive and peaceful environment at our boutique yoga studio on King William Road. 

The friendly, highly trained and professional yoga teacher will make you feel welcomed. 

We provide the yoga mats and we do not have a mat hire fee.

If you like you can also bring your own mat if you would like too (we can also store it at the studio for no charge).

The best way to start is by contacting us or booking in online at our class schedule.

We have an online booking system through this website and we are also on the Mindbody app.

All classes are focused on mindfulness, strength and flexibility techniques!

Power yoga classes

Yoga Trainer Ben

What you should know

You should know that you do not need to be flexible to practice yoga.

You should also know that the ideal amount of times to train yoga is about three times a week.

Although you will get results with practicing less, it is best to maintain a consistent, regular training schedule.

You might even end up training daily.

Power Yoga Adelaide

Best yoga teacher in Adelaide

It is also recommended that complete beginners at Yoga Theory start with our balance and stretch class. 

Although we can adapt all of our classes to suit beginners;

You may need to start with the basics just to get more comfortable within the practice.

Here are our top 5 tips for beginners

You do not need to bring anything to your first yoga class.

Just some comfortable clothes that you can stretch in and a water bottle, we will take care of the rest.

We open about 15 minutes prior to our classes and you can ask us any questions. 

Book a free trial class