Private Lessons

Booking a Private Session

Request your session by the contact form below with your preferred options, time and style. 

You can also call or message Ben directly on 0403 364 462.

Purchase 50 Minute Private Session for $85 ($65 for Yoga Theory Members)

Purchase 5x 50 Minute Private Sessions for $325 (expires 10 weeks) 

Our current availability for private lessons in July:

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
11am -5pm 1pm -5pm 6am -8am,

10am -5pm

11am- 5pm 6am -8am,

11am -5pm


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Private Yoga Classes and Personal Training

Taking a private yoga lesson or personal training session will get you the results you want.

Whether you are a beginner who has never practiced yoga before,

or an advanced yoga practioner,

we have the formula to get you the best results! 

private yoga lessons adelaide

Highly Experienced and Passionate Yoga Teacher

Our personalized training

Private yoga lessons for everyone

Our highly experienced team offers private lessons and personal training for individuals and groups in Adelaide.

All of our yoga teachers are highly trained in teaching private yoga lessons and classes. 

All of our yoga trainers have experience teaching private clients locally and internationally.

We are even available to travel to you if that is required. 

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Members getting results! 

Personal training on the go

Our private yoga lessons are the perfect way to improve your yoga practice or to simply get into a regular yoga routine.

By taking a private lesson with us, you will get to do yoga on your own terms.

Our private yoga lessons help you progress towards your own goals in yoga without the stress of having to do it along. 

A one on one private yoga class is the perfect way to elevate your yoga practice. 

Private Yoga classes

Ben = Best

Personal training on your own terms

Because private lessons work around you, it could be just the thing that takes your health and practice to the next level.

Our private classes will get you the initial experience you need to start practicing yoga by yourself. 

Our classes will help boost your confidence and give you the skills necessary to progress in yoga.

They are also a good way get started with our general yoga classes

private yoga sessions

Learn from Ben in Adelaide

5 Benefits of a Private Yoga Class

Personalized practice plan

When you commit to a personal training session, you become the boss. You tell us what you want from your session and we deliver on that expectation.

Whether you want to relax with a nice yin style of yoga or you want to be pushed in the vinyasa flow – we focus on what you want! 

Yoga teacher training adelaide

Best Vinyasa Teacher in Adelaide

Your own time

Early morning, throughout the day, or in the evening.

You choose a time and we will work with you to get results. Life is busy with work, family commitments and other hobbies.

We can work with your schedule to get you in the routine of a regular yoga practice.  

personalized training adelaide

Yes you can!

Boosts your confidence

When you are training with the best yoga teachers in Adelaide, you’re going to absorb that energy and get passionate about yoga.

Our trainers will help you understand your practice and be the best you can.

You’ll walk away with confidence in the practice of yoga ready for your next session! 

adelaide personal training

Time to train!

Advances your practice

Learn from highly experienced and passionate trainers who live and breathe yoga.

We will work a style that focuses on not only reaching, but advancing your goals.

By taking one on one sessions you will get to focus on what needs to be done to progress in your practice.

Adelaide Personal Trainer

Yoga Trainer Ben

Faster results

When you are in a group yoga class, you are learning at the pace of the group.

Although we push hard and give personalized attention to all our students, the fastest results will come with a personal training session.

All of our trainers are highly experienced, professional and proficient in yoga.

adelaide private yoga

Are you ready to get results?