Ashtanga yoga classes in Adelaide (vinyasa flow style)

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Ashtanga Yoga Classes in Adelaide

Disclaimer: You should be aware that we are not qualified in the certified Ashtanga yoga method. We teach you a variation of the ashtanga base style. To find certified Ashtanga yoga teachers search the Ashtanga yoga database.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

At Yoga Theory we teach a variation of the ashtanga style of yoga classes. These classes are good if you want a challenge and you love structure. It is both Ben and Almendra’s favourite style of yoga because it is engaging and physically demanding. 

Ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes will get you focused with its strict approach and dynamic movements. In this style of class each of the poses are carefully linked to the Ujjayi breath. This breath helps us to focus and warms the body.

ashtanga yoga classes

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Benefits of ashtanga vinyasa yoga

When you take an ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes you will build humility, strength and flexibility. This is because ashtanga yoga classes will challenge you physically and mentally.

This style of yoga will help you remember sequences and techniques proven to provide benefits. The sequences will focus on techniques that improve your mindfulness, strength and flexibility. This helps make you feel healthier and happier. In these classes, you will focus on dynamic yoga sequences that are challenging and fun. 

Make the most of the opportunity. Take your practice to the next level and check our our class schedule to book in! 

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