Best Yoga Studio in Adelaide

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The Best Yoga Studio in Adelaide

We work hard to maintain our standard, and to get our members the best results;

Here’s an inside look in to how we actually do it! 

Adelaide Personal Trainer

The Founder


The service is what sets a good yoga studio apart from a great yoga studio.

We give you a personalized, high-quality yoga service. 

We’ll know your name and what level you are at.

Because your trusting us with your body, we’ll be very attentive, and keep you safe.

port adelaide yoga festival

Everyone, Gets Results.


When you come to our classes, you know what to expect and what you are paying for.

We offer our products and services and we follow two rules:

  • Rule 1) deliver on the service that is advertised;
  • Rule 2) keep the service consistent.

Consistency is what keeps you coming back! 

Adelaide yoga teacher training

Yoga Theory Unley Class


We always start and finish our classes on time. 

We don’t make exceptions to this rule.

You’re busy, and we are busy.

So we have a set time and we keep it.

Our Members.


Our yoga teachers are experienced, approachable and patient.

We give you our undivided attention.

We keep things professional, while explaining things simply.

We are thoroughly educated on the styles we teach, and have undergone strict yoga teacher training

Best Yoga Studio in Adelaide

Our Trainers.


We understand the dynamics of a perfect yoga studio.

We keep our lighting, sound and temperature to optimal levels.

We create a good experience that will make you satisfied and content, yet coming back for more!


The question is,

Are you ready to get results? 

Train with Ben

Train with Ben

Here is what makes us the best yoga teachers in Adelaide.

And here, is how you can join our yoga classes in Adelaide.

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