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Yin Yoga in Adelaide

What is it?

Yin yoga is a passive style of yoga designed to work the body on a deeper level.

The practice generally consists of long held poses, between 2 – 5 minutes. 

It is good for reducing stress in the body and mind. 

How does yin work?

Yin yoga works by increasing your flexibility. 

It does this by focusing on the deeper tissues and fascia within the body.

This practice is also good for the mind because it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. 

yin yoga in adelaide

A good stretch out!

Yin yoga in Adelaide

Ben occasionally teaches yin yoga at our Adelaide yoga studio.

The classes focus on improving your flexibility and help you to keep calm and relaxed. 

You can check out his current yoga timetable here. 

Who is Benzenn?

Ben is a highly experienced yoga teacher with Yoga Theory Unley.

Ben has trained and taught yoga in over 5 countries.

You can read his full bio here. 

yin yoga adelaide

Ben Greenwood in India. @benzenn

You can learn more about yin yoga here. 

Read about the most popular styles of yoga here. 

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