Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Australia

How do I become a yoga teacher in Australia?

There are three main ways to become an accredited or certified yoga teacher in Australia.

They are:

  1. Become certified through a Yoga Alliance approved school;
  2. Get accredited through a Yoga Australia approved school;
  3. Be certified through a traditional or independent yoga school.

How is Yoga in Australia Regulated?

Australian Government Regulations

There is no official government department that regulates the yoga industry.

This is why most yoga teacher training schools focus on different aspects of training and differ in quality.

Yoga Alliance Pathway

To become Yoga Alliance certified you need to complete a Yoga Alliance 200hr certified yoga course.

A Yoga Alliance approved school trains teachers to be 200hr or 500hr standard.

Once someone completes the 200hr or 500hr course, they can apply to be listed on the Yoga Alliance database.

They can also use those designations and trademarks.

For example, John Smith E-RYT 200hr, E-RYT 500hr.

There are extra fees to be registered with Yoga Alliance and an annual renewal fee.

You can learn more about Yoga Alliance here

Yoga Australia Pathway

To become Yoga Australia certified, you can complete a training through a Yoga Australia accredited school.

If you have a 200hr Yoga Alliance training, you can apply for a provisional membership.

Here is the Yoga Australia membership structure, explained simply:

  • Provisional Membership: Complete a 200hr YTT
  • Level 1 Yoga Australia membership:  requires you to have a minimum of 350 hours of yoga teaching experience.
  • Level 2 Yoga Australia membership:  requires you to have completed a minimum of 500 hours of yoga teaching experience and to have been teaching for 5 years.
  • Level 3 or Senior Member: requires you to have completed a minimum of 1000 hours and taught for over 10 years.

You can learn more about Yoga Australia here.

Why become certified?

The most common reasons to become a certified yoga teacher are:

  • It gives you credibility, insurance privileges and directory listing benefits;
  • It covers the skills and knowledge necessary to teach yoga;
  • Most gyms and workplaces will require you to be certified;
  • For your own personal benefit.

The most common ways to become a certified yoga teacher in Australia are through Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.

Learn more about how everything is really regulated here.

Yoga Theory Training

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